Friday, October 23, 2009

A Noble Gentleman of our Time

The son of former chief justice Hilario Davide now Cebu City Councilor resign his post as City Councilor to serve as chairman of the political party that will campaign for the Aquino and Roxas candidacy in Cebu Province.

Cebu City HallHe is also rumored to run for gubernatorial race of Cebu Province this coming 2010 election. In his speech he humbly gives his sincere thanks to the member of the Cebu City Council. Davide wanted to bring back the “harmonious relationship between the two (Cebu City and province) local government units of Cebu.” If this thing happens the much awaited LRT will run from north to south in the coming year.

What is impressive in this guy is that he resigns voluntarily in his post to avoid confusion and conflict of duty within government offices. If you can remember that there are some politician handling cabinet position at the same time serving as Senator. That is a violation of the principle “YOU CAN NOT SERVE TWO MASTER AT THE SAME TIME" which everyone i believed will agree. In simple term we call this Power Hunger Mania.

This young politician also believed that the Aquino Roxas leadership is the best ever assembled national leader since both have uncontested integrity, knowledge and experience plus technical skills in trade industry and technology.


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