Monday, August 31, 2009

Minglanilla Market and Ukay Ukay

There are too many ukay ukay store in Minglanilla now causing the sell of the RTW to get down.
Prince warehouse feeling the effect already since this ukay ukay dress are mostly imported, cheaper and nice design than China made t-shirts

Friday, August 28, 2009

Murder inside Gaisano Market

The attacker does not have regret of doing this crime against the man who took his lovelife.

So i were you, never ever court any woman that already have BF.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Minglanilla Floods

Cebu is gifted with nice weather condition. Seldom the typhoon will pass in this island because it was always block by Samar and Leyte island in the East from Pacific Ocean and by Negros Island if the typhoon came from Western China Sea.

Minglanilla PicturesBut when this heavy rain comes, it will shock you in speed and high level of floods. Portion of Minglanilla specially in Springwoods, Tulay and Ward 2 area. In just less than 10 minutes I was not able to react with the rushing water from the Minglanilla mountain. Our subdivision became water basin now. It cost me big for I have to bring this multicab to nearby Car or Vehicle Repair Shop.

Vehicles in Minglanilla
That is why Springwoods got its name, the spring water abundant near the subdivision, plus the landscape which is too low in the town level. Every time there are heavy rain we all need to watch the water level. Because of this i was not able to bring this vehicle in my Philippines call center work for almost 2 weeks now. Luckily i have Skygo Motorcycle which serve as back up. At night i work as home based worker servicing as SEO adviser that is why i consider my self as worker in virtual assistant service in one of the BPO company in Cebu.

Springwoods Subdivision in Minglanilla

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ms. Minglanilla 2009

The Minglanilla Miss High School 2009 was held at Minglanilla Sports Complex last Aug 21, 2009 and participated by all public high school. Audience participation is satisfactory too as tickets are sold out and all chairs are covered.

The last question for the top 5 Ms. Minglanilla 2009 is "what would you do or say to encourages your friends from other places to visit Minglanilla". Three of the top 5 5 got the right answer while to have the closest. The current Ms. Minglanilla 2009 came from Tungkop National High School. She said Minglanilla is a nice place to visit because the Minglanillahon are hospitable. She also added there are lot of tourist attraction in Minglanilla where they can enjoy.

2009 Miss Minglanilla
The 2nd contestant have powerful answer after greeting the judges. She said She will invite her friends to come to Minglanilla by saying " Minglanilla is the capital of KABANHAWAN FESTIVAL".

Tungkop National High School Minglanilla Beauty Pageant

The 2009 Ms. Minglanilla from Tungkop National High School at the center together with her coach Teacher Laudo and on the left is the 1st runner up from Minglanilla National Science High School.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Cobra Energy Drink triathlon Challenge

Many of the world's best triathletes are here in Manila, that is 3 days before the Cobra Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Philippines blasts off at the CamSur Water Sports Complex (CWC).

Chris McCormack of Australia, known for his 11x Ironman winner led the foreign professionals participating in the inaugural race, along with compatriot Peter Jacobs, 7x world cup titlist Tim Marr of the United States and 11-time Ironman champion Lisa Bentley of Canada.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Toll Fee in Cebu

Cebuano's are lucky for there are still no Toll Fee in the highway of Cebu. This blog post is advocating that we have at least one in SRP road. Why? Read it below

However, if you look at the SRP highway, it badly needed budget for repair because the road has many spots right now. I used to travel in this path and find it unsafe for the vehicles. Students Essay writer who are rushing to get in their school could landed in accident if the SRP road is not repair right away. The big question now is that the budget of our City government in maintenance for we all know that the country is still recovering for mild crisis. So for any assistant the Cebu citizen can offer like a toll fee is fine with me anyway we the drivers are benefited in the services provided by the SRP road which is traffic less and safer than South Cebu Highway which is infested with undecipline jeep and taxi drivers.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Minglanilla Fiesta Activities

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish
Municipality of Minglanilla

Nightly Fiesta Activities

June 20 Elemination Round - Search for Minglanilla Idol
Aug 12 IHMA Night
Aug 13 Miss High School Minglanilla, Talent Night
Aug 15 Airsoft Competition 7 AM - UV Minglanilla Campus Disco
Aug 16 Minglanilla Parish Pastoral Night
Aut 17 Grand Final and Award night - Minglanilla Idol
Aug 18 Minglanilla Dance Explosion - open category and Inter Minglanilla category
Aug 19 Ms Gay Minglanilla
Aug 20 Manila Celebrities visits Minglanilla (Ruffa Mae Quinto and Andrew E
Aug 21 Ms High School Minglanilla Pagent and Coronation night
Aut 22 Morning.....
Kalingawan sa Minglanilla - Taebo
Fiest Parade
Bike for Peach - Centan Biker
Walk Barbie Walk

Evening ...........
Back to back Disco
Everyone is invited to the town Fiesta

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lipata Minglanilla

Have you experience attending Fiesta in Lipata Minglanilla?
Or did you experience passing this barangay during Fiesta.
Well traffics just reach from the exit of SRP all the way to Minglanilla town proper due to the Fiesta celebration of Barangay Lipata

Minglanilla PictureSt. Joseph Church in Lipata Minglanilla

Lipata Minglanilla
Traffic are so heavy in this Barangay every Fiesta. Did you know why?

Photos in Minglanilla
They set up stage just in front of the highway of Minglanilla so the result is this. People are using the main Minglanilla Road as their stage floor watching the presentation. These Minglanilla Pictures is a proof of neglince among public officials

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sale Canopy in Cebu

canopy cebu saleMDE Enterprises Corporation
N. Bacalso, Cebu City

The number one dealer of canopy in the south Cebu area.
We offer vehicles upholstery of any brand and model

Multicab Canopy Single, black with free installation. P3000
Canopy Plastic cover with free installation. P1000
Multicab folded chair with foam P2000

cebu canopy dealer
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Jeep Body, Wrangler, Renegade, Mini Cruiser, Tamaraw and XLT body, Chassis auto suppy, car accessories, surplus engine bucket seats, canopies, step boards, bull bars general upholstery, car upholstery.
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Sale of Canopy in Cebu
Multicab Glass Canopy

Canopy multicab cebu

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Minglanilla Gas Range and Stove Repair Service

All works guaranteed.
We accept Home Service
All spare parts available
We also repair Electric fan, rice cooker, washing machine.


Call or text:090775042009 and 09108496232 and look for Jun or Vanessa