Friday, October 28, 2011

Dumanjug Town in Cebu

Dumanjug TownBarangay Pob Dumanjug Cebu

Dumanjug Town
Dumanjug Town
Dumanjug Town
Dumanjug Town

Monday, October 17, 2011

On the Road to Kawasan Falls

The first part of the Kawasan falls where you can see at the left the restaurant and room for rent for P900 per day. The place is so cold so it is the best if you have partner and beer. P50 for the parking and 15minutes walking.

If you plan to visit Kawasan Falls and going to rent for van in Cebu, you only to contact me with free tour guide. This is affordable because it is non aircon and diesel powered so you can save up to 30% from regular rent of multicab here in Cebu.

Municipality of Moalboal if I am not mistaken. We just pass this town as we are destined to pay homage to Bandian town particularly the Kawasan Falls.

It took us 3 hour drive of no traffics.

Mangrove Park in Bantayan Island

Probably 10 minutes from the highway

There is an entrance fee but afforadble

Nice for dating and unwinding

Bring your friends for a good tagay session

Interested to visit here with your family, we have van for rent to you.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Van for Hire Cebu - Van For Rent in Cebu - 8 to 10 Seaters Starex Van rental


w/ driver and gas and very cool aircon
P 2000 Day tour in Cebu - Cebu City 4 hrs 
P1300 Airport pickup & deliver - CEBU CITY ONLY  
P 3000 Day tour in Cebu - Cebu City 8HRS 
P 2500 Papakits - Cebu City - Hatid and Sundo  
P 3000 Simala Shrine and Carcar Museum 
Package- Cebu City - Hatid and Sundo  

P 3000 - Danao City
P 3000 - Argao trip - Cebu City hatid sundo good for 1 day only
P 4000 - Moalboal trip - Cebu City hatid sundo good for 1 day only
P 4300 - Moalboal trip - Cebu City hatid sundo today deliver and next day pickup
P 4000 - Alcoy  - Cebu City - Hatid and Sundo
P 4500 - Oslob whare shark - Cebu City - Hatid and Sundo
P 2800 - Bogo Trip
P4500 - San Remegio Hagnaya from Cebu City
P5500 - Daan Bantayan - Malaspascua  from Cebu City
P5000 - Santander from Cebu City


City Tour Package P2,000 for NON aircon
(If pick up sa Airport P1000)
Including gasoline and driver

Cebu International Convention Center Near Park Mall - (Close on sunday)
Museo Sugbo in Cuenco St. (Close on sunday)
Cebu Heritage Monument in Parian 
San Diego Museum and Gorordo Museum
Cathedral Church
Sto. Nino de Cebu Basilica
Plaza Independencia  (P30 per entrance)
Malacanang sa Sugbo Cebu
Tabo-an Dried Fish Market
Sky Adventure Experience at Crown Regency Towers in Osmena St  (P700 entrance fee)
Famous Cebu Larsian (Under Renovation as of the moment)
Cebu Provincial Capitol
Taoist Temple
I.T. Park



P2500 - Argao trip - Cebu City hatid sundo good for 1 day only
P2500 - Moalboal trip - Cebu City hatid sundo good for 1 day only
P2800 - Moalboal trip - Cebu City hatid sundo today deliver and next day pickup
P2800 - Alcoy Sumilon - Cebu City - Hatid and Sundo
P2800 - Bogo Trip
P3200 - San Remegio Hagnaya from Cebu City
P3500 - Daan Bantayan - Malaspascua  from Cebu City
P3500 - Santander from Cebu City


Text me at 0999-68-88-173 and 09202449658

Advantage of Hiring this Cebu Based Van.

1. The driver got 1 error in driver licensure examination and has 3 years daily driving experience.
2. Brand new disk break, brand new battery, brand new alternator, brand new head lights, newly change oil as of Oct.
3. Came from hard earned money so I take care of it as well as the passengers.
4. Defensive family man driver.
5. Affordable since it use diesel.
6. Spacious because it carry maximum of 13 passengers.
7. Mastery of Cebu Road and Cities main street as well as circumnavigated Cebu Province already.
8. With back up multicab in case of unnecessary situation.

Why you should not hire this VAN?

  • 1. Should you be considering to transport illegal material.
  • 2. If you aren't professional and not moderate.
  • 3. If you are opportunist and trying to have more than passengers against actual agreement.
  • 4. If you would like overload and carry less safe practices to this Hyundai Grace van and other passengers.
  • 5. When you are sought from Government or laws.
  • 6. If you want to go to unsafe places and unsafe hour
  • 7. For anyone who is from Luzon or Mindanao with uncertain purpose in Cebu

Requirements for customer.
1. Complete name, contact address and 2 phone #
2. Person name and address in case of emergency.
3. Signed document for the agreement or contract regarding Rent of Van.


Advantages Of a automotive rent Service

Before acknowledging the various benefits of van for rent in cebu city one ought to understand what services rent a passenger van company provides. A rent a 12 passenger van would provide each cars for rental functions and chauffeur driven luxurious cars for choose and drop services.

So if you're movement to a brand new town or country, you'll choose from the various models of cars obtainable that fit your purpose and budget and explore the new places with rent a van for a day or week. Equally if it's a special day, like your day, otherwise you simply want a reliable service to choose you up from home and drop you at the aerodrome, you'll decision the rent 8 passenger van and that they would be happy to assist you out.

Now let's take a peek at a number of the benefits you get if you choose for rent 10 passenger van.

First and foremost, hiring a rent a van for vacation goes to stay you far from the difficulty of looking forward to the cab, or longing for the proper bus. If you rent the services of a cheap van for rent company, then you're about to witness convenience right from the time that you simply land at the aerodrome. The automotive goes to be looking forward to you at the aerodrome in order that once you arrive you have got transportation prepared.

rent a van with driver won't sway be big-ticket if you strike an honest agitate them. you would possibly assume that obtaining a cab or taking a bus to totally different places may be a low-cost means of movement round the town or the country. however it'll not be if you have got to travel to a dozen places; if you add all the transportation along, you're about to realize that it's either about to price you constant or a lot of. furthermore taking a cab or bus is extremely inconvenient and this brings North American nation to consequent advantage of rent a 9 passenger van.

Convenience is one amongst the largest benefits that hiring a rent a passenger van cheap has. If you're movement together with your oldsters or young children, then it's a lot of convenient to travel during a automotive that's either chauffer driven or driven by you. this manner you'll management the speed and type of be your own boss. several cab drivers square measure terribly rigid concerning turning on the air conditioning or typically they do not shut off the ugly loud music that's enjoying in their automotive. Similarly, home depot rent a van movement during a bus isn't straightforward particularly once you attempting to form it as a family vacation.
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You get to save lots of lots of your time once you have your own automotive to travel in with where to rent a van. looking forward to a cab or looking forward to the bus on the proper route will waste helpful hours of some time. If you actually need to explore the new place, then it's best that you simply leave your bedroom early within the morning to go to the foremost range of places there; it's not on a daily basis that you simply get to jaunt a brand new country.