Sunday, March 27, 2011

Multicab For Sale Box Type

I am selling my Multicab at affordable price
Good for your business

1. Multicab box typeclick to enlarge the image
2. 6Valve (Gasoline saver)
3. No Aircon
4. Green
5. Absolutely running condition
6. Complete papers
7. P80,000 negotiable gamay
8. Suzuki 5 Gear

RFS: Not use anymore due to our car and 2 motorcycles

Location: Minglanilla Springwoods

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Deceptive Marketing by PPLIC in SM Cebu


Philippines Life Insurance Company in SM Cebu is stopping unsuspecting SM Goers by offering free raffle which is a chance of winning car or travel opportunities. You can only get the raffle if you play the game as what they claim. Then if you agree they will tell you that it will only take 45 minutes (which took me 3 hours until SM Close).

Actually they are using the raffle for free as a their front to get you bring in their office and when you are there they will discuss and offer you so much opportunities to buy insurance policy which is worth P300,000+. They will get your ATM and ask you to enter the pin number by telling that checking if you really qualify. The truth is that this checking will result to auto deduction of the initial payment to policy.

Now if you disagree with the process since they want you to decide right away to invest in their policy that day then they will get you to pay at the lowest amount. To my tired and hungry stomach i just pay P1000 so we can go home believing that we can get the free health benefits which is dental service, cleaning and extraction. When we ask for the copy of the verbal agreement they say it will be send through mails this March26, 2011. Yet we are already paid and they do not want to give the agreement right away. They are now claiming that is for reservation.

Searching for the internet, ABS CBN courtesy of XXX already have study on this SCAM Marketing strategies and they already brought this to Philippines Insurance Agency. The Agency said they are legitimate company but the manner of their marketing is known as

Deceptive marketing

The video of ABS CBN is here

Right now they get my P1000 without the copy of agreement.

here are the links to the scam strategy

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Florida Comfortable Tissue Harm Settlement

The soft structure injury scenario can be a tough case to be in successfully. It requires a thorough, experienced, insightful negotiator. Frequently soft cells injury sufferers are accused of malingering. It can be a extremely discouraging process if you do not produce an expert in your favor. Our Gentle Tissue Injuries Settlement Legal professionals will do a complete case history and fight regarding justice once we pursue payment on your behalf.

Gentle Tissue Personal injury Settlement Analysis

No one can be positive about this the value of any soft tissues injury. Some injuries result in chronic agony. How do you set a dollar value on in which? The chronic pain can lead to depression. The way you do analyse a value for a emotional wellness?

For Personal Injury Lawyer Florida, call them now!

There are many variables that effect the comfortable tissue injuries settlement. Several of the aspects of the case that have being analyzed are usually:

* Were you wearing a seat belt? If not, you can be found at least partially in charge of your accidental injuries.
* What force and rate were involved in the impact in the car crash?
* Does you support any immediate trauma? (struck the steering wheel, dash, etc.)
* What was the whole property damage?
* Were you transported to the emergency room?
* What was your extent of your injuries? Did it include soft tissue and tendons damage?
* How long were you taken care of for your smooth tissue injuries?
* Do you have permanent tissue damage?
* The amount of work performed you skip?
* What would you get rid of in earnings?
* How will your soft structure injury impression your lifestyle?
* How your delicate tissue injuries impact ones earning ability?

These are a number of the issues that need to be considered in addition to weighed prior to a case profits. Every aspect of the way it is has to be evaluated in order to gain access to every possible means of compensation.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Role of Battery Isolator to Your Car

Battery isolator is often a device which will splits household power into a large number of branches in addition to allows the electric current to flow in only one particular direction via each branch.

Why Use
an assortment Isolator?

The advantage of
these arrangement stands out as the ability regarding charging plenty of batteries at any given time from a solitary source without getting a parallel electric battery terminal link. The battery isolator possesses a sensor which enables to calculation the number of associations and the most robust battery to attract the power because of. The downside is your money and complexity. These life of the battery isolators are commonly suited for recreational vehicles, benefits vehicles, charter boats, large 18 wheel trucks, airplanes the place one power supply is used to get started on and dash the program, and the other sorts of is used to run the supplement loads such as winches and devices. The basic reasons like the isolator battery pack is to make sure the whole electrical power system won't become incapable due to a one battery catastrophe.

To present the vehicle having access to the power duplicate source, battery isolator keeps the multiple battery pack separate from each other well. The battery isolator as well keeps all the vehicles battery pack from tugging power coming from many batteries at a time which could completely drain all the battery pack and bring about an electrical model failure. It setup on the vehicle is made up of two battery packs connected to the isolator. Any isolator is coupled to the vehicle's alternator. Alternator can be described as device that delivers the vehicle by using electrical power to help charge their battery. All the alternator charges your idle batteries and if a active life of the battery fails, the particular isolator switches the power source.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Quick Review of Land Banking System

Land banking is on the rise today as an alternative financial commitment medium by means of profits as well as principal that should be returned to you just after three to five decades depending on when ever permission is given to develop the particular land while explained around Best Real Estate Ltd knowledge starting point pages. This article gives a brief introduction to the style behind land banking and ways in which it can meet as a part of your own real estate investment stock portfolio.

Real estate investment perspectives or in laymen words and phrases, the time utilized for you to regain the amount you invested takes anything from the month should you flip houses to several a long time if you are referring to longer term funds. Land Banking falls inside second class and is eligible as a long term investment as well as returns however can be as almost as much as four to five hundred percent of the original sum you ought to invested inside the property.

Precisely what typically happens is that the coder bids just for land that is not developed and next puts revenue to buy any land like Best Real Estate. Note in many jurisdictions there is ordinarily some time insulate of a few decades before the area gives the try for the constructor to start constructing the development over the land. To be sure the developer now sells the home to another provider who consequently sells the house or property to buyers who decide to buy units.

Three to five years after, the plots of land approval enters in and the developer then products the property from the investors with many times the charge and then you may well exit from your investment. Devote some time quizzing the land banking representative about what model of exit precious time frames is actually he checking out and find out any returns together with compare it against the remaining portion of the returns that you are currently looking during other types connected with real estate assets like the option Best Real Estate International will. Always debt the risk of reduction and encourage mentally in order to make a explanation decision while tackling a high electric real estate investment sales hype.

In conclusion, it is a long term purchase with the unheard of factor for when the secure is given saving money light to become developed deeper. Real Estate Investment thereby may be better risky than other types of real estate investment. Having said that, it is transmitted that a land banking system extremely well as a longer type form of real estate investment that you can add to your real estate market portfolio.