Friday, February 18, 2011

Invisible Fence System - A Technology Not in the Country

Invisible fence system offers power and the actual indicator for the cycle is on with absolutely no security alarm sounding but I do not have transmission at the . What's wrong?

Just about all brands associated with methods come with an indicator gentle which lets you know in case your system cycle shows a continual (does not have a rest in the line). This may be an easy gentle which goes out if there is a break or even it could incorporate a number of pulsating lighting and beeping or other alarms. It's not hard to inform when this happens by simply checking those indicators. However what goes on if all the indications tend to be working and from dealing with the transmitter unit seems like you should have the functioning Invisible Fence system however the collar recipient fails to trigger whenever placed in the perimeter zone since it would normally. This is actually the process we use professionally whenever diagnosing this issue.

Always first check your area width adjustment to ensure it has not been turned down before proceeding.

Remove the loop wires in the transmitter. When a person take away the wires the actual loop indicator gentle should go out or even expensive red or however your own system signifies a rest security alarm of Invisible Fence. This states your own alarm indicators are operating properly.
Insert a brief bit of wire jumping the two devices together. (A foot of wire is plenty or even a metal document clip opened up up creating a jumper) This is often called a "Short cycle test". You simply have to jump the two devices collectively. When this is accomplished your security alarm ought to stop and loop sign should show operational.

Place your Invisible Fence collar receiver next to this short loop and it will activate. You may listen to the recipient training collar beeping and/or it'll result in a check gentle to light up. You have verified that both system and receiver training collar are functional so the issue is beyond these types of.

Subsequent would be to check your inline super or rise protector for those who have 1. This can be done by getting rid of your own brief loop in the transmitter, reconnecting the actual loop cables and do a "short loop test" about the outgoing, field, or cycle terminals of the super or even surge component. Replicate the actual training collar check presently there.

Once finished this can depart only three more options in which the problem could be.

The most typical problem for Invisible Fence Spokane is you've got a cable split however something is actually allowing enough continuity to occur inside your perimeter loop in order to not activate the actual alarm. This could be a bad splice, incomplete break, or even maybe it's a normal break that is within moist or moist dirt which is supplying sufficient a continual to trick the alarm. I've observed this occur using the wire broken and divided a number of ft laying on wet floor. Our DFNA 1016 locator will discover this issue with ease.


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