Wednesday, February 16, 2011

AC Nielsen

For more than 50 years, AC Nielsen may be collecting and confirming on purchasing as well as media information. We provide consumers a range of opportunities to provide feedback in relation to their shopping as well as media consumption. You might be invited to join an ongoing panel or participate in a survey, and then we encourage you to do so.

AC Nielsen analysis along with insights help to inform the decision-making process of brand names and content services as well as the research actions of universities and industry standards systems. Your participation is very important to these organizations and also their role while influences and drivers in the consumer experience.

Many of AC Nielsen people value your share and we value the privacy. Your your private data will NEVER be used by The Nielsen Company to advertise, market or market alternative party goods or products and services to you. We will not certificate, publish, or advertise any information obtained from you that can be stuck just using an individual user for example your name, email address, postal address, etc. Find out about Nielsen's Privacy Policy.


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