Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ayala Mall

Ayala Mall evolve differently today. It is now the hang out for Philippine call center agents because the Ayala Terrace offers social looking food at night where most inbound call center are working.

Last night we just visit to celebrate our friends party and it was one of the best day for my kids specially Lance. He like malling and toys from Toy Kingdom.

I am actually using this blog now as my storage for important pictures. It is easy to update and i can do it anywhere.

Blogging is better than facebook. At least for me and the rest of blogger who earn online. Actually there are many Cebu Bloggers earning more than $100 a month as blogger and professional online marketer. I do it for both reasons.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Robinson Mall in Cebu City

There are many big Robinson mall in Manila specially the Galleria and Malate Mall.

If it is Robinson it must be for the middle class shoppers like in Luzon. As you can see there are less visitors in this mall even the Christmas is days to go.

This is the latest Robinson Mall in the hearth of Cebu City just a walk away from the famous Osmena Circle. The mall is spacious and classic.

Dengue in Minglanilla

KC at South General Hospital after 1 week of confinement due to Dengue Attack

There are so many cases of dengue disease in Minglanilla but the local government as well as the provincial school do not have any immediate solution for this. So make your kids safe, always bring OFF lotion and screen the school.

This is the result of unsafe public school system. Actually she got consecutive disease from the school. Minglanilla has been in trouble with health problem because the school itself was place beside a big canal and there are no management in place for waste disposal so people around or near the canal use it as garbage can.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Minnesota Shadow Inventory Estimates - one amongst the Highest!

Shadow inventory is outlined slightly completely different betting on who you talk over with or what you're reading. However merely place this can be typically the amount of properties that are a minimum of sixty days delinquent and aren’t for sale. This conjointly includes properties that have already knowledgeable foreclosure and are bank owned or reo owned.

Unfortunately, Shadow inventory is inevitably growing and affecting the markets already hit onerous by high levels of distressed mortgages, like Minnesota, that has an excess provide of inventory already. In line with short sale expert an information analysis company owned by First American, Minnesota has an estimated shadow months provide of eighty 1309 homes.

At the present sales rate in Minnesota, there are approximately two thousands sales per month. At this pace the shadow inventory might mirror up to 4-5 years of potential inventory.

Friday, December 24, 2010

What is Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant's goal is to make a partnership with a business or entrepreneur and assistant them in running and building that business. this implies they have to possess expertise with a spread of software packages, glorious writing, proofreading and grammar skills, additionally as an understanding of business procedures. several virtual assistants even have experience in bookkeeping, Internet, graphics or internet style, and selling.

You don't have to be compelled to have expertise in all of those things, however can|you'll|you may} have to be compelled to have a good kind of skills so as to handle the assorted tasks your shoppers will want. The a lot of well rounded you're, the a lot of business you'll get.

Most people who commit to become a virtual assistant have years of expertise in one or a lot of of the following:

* Secretarial expertise or govt assistants
* Book keeping expertise
* sturdy communication skills, as well as proofreading, writing, editing
* Administrative background
* Legal assistant or paralegal expertise
* workplace management expertise
* skilled organizers
* Concierge expertise
* Fantastic client service skills are a requirement
* somebody with organizational talent and a spotlight to detail

As you'll see, people who become successful virtual assistants return from a spread of backgrounds and possess numerous skills. Before deciding if changing into a virtual assistant is true for you, you'll have to be compelled to take a while and judge what services you wish to supply.

What will be your niche and target market?

Once you're clear on your business goals, you'll understand if you possess the mandatory skills. If you do not have all of the talents you wish, don't fret - there are many sensible coaching choices. Most businesses and careers involve a spread of necessary skills that need coaching and there's no reason to be discouraged if you're not proficient in everything. Take a while to organize and train before you launch your virtual assistant business.

On the opposite hand, if you've got years of expertise and feel competent to supply the talents your target market is craving for, you'll become a virtual assistant immediately. There aren't any official certifications, rules or needed coaching within the virtual assistant business. Anyone will begin their own virtual home business at any time, however you will not last long if you do not have the talents you wish. Owning your own business means that your name is extraordinarily necessary and you will not build a profitable business by delivering substandard work.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Relavant Information about Short Sale VS REO

It’s not as if one is intrinsically sensible whereas the opposite is dangerous. Property deals abound immediately for realty investors. However, knowing the ins and outs could keep each you and your investors from being stunned by things like hidden fees (penalties, unpaid taxes, etc.) as your property sale moves through the closing method.

REO or bank-owned properties have completed the foreclosure method and should be in worse condition than a brief sale property. whereas they typically shut faster than a brief sale, lenders are typically not willing to barter the worth down abundantly. Even worse, the commonly out-of-state bank is typically out of bit with specifically what proportion home values have dropped during a given space. It will then be an uphill battle to induce the bank to induce real on pricing. alternative times, the bank desires to recover its prices of probing the typically lengthy foreclosure method and can decide to recover some or most of its prices. Hidden fees like penalties and unpaid taxes tacked on to the sales worth are often the result.

With a brief sale, an investor has a chance to doubtless purchase a home in higher condition. this could mean less rehab work to either resell the property or rent it out. The faster the turnaround, the larger the profit potential for your investor.

While the short sales negotiator favorite method will take longer than shopping for a bank-owned property, most lenders are already buried underneath the amount of REO properties on their books and don’t wish to feature a lot of to that total. By buying a brief sale before the mortgage supplier must undergo the time, expense, manpower and probably legal prices (for judicial bankruptcy states) of the foreclosure method, investors stand to induce a fairly competitively priced deal. Banks tend to require less of a loss on short sales than foreclosures.

With all the on top of factors thought of, I'm a believer briefly sales when operating with realty investors and for my very own investments. To your short sale success! we tend to are getting to get down-n-dirty on a FREE online training to debate the REO vs. short sale battle

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Looking for Personal Injury Attorney Tampa?

Though you are able to certainly discover a very good Tampa Personal Injury Attorney devoid of doubt, adequate time period must be devoted to particles finding one. Looking for an outstanding Attorney to handle personal injury cases is considerably critical and not similar to searching for short sale house or cheap real estate property. The options would in the end decide whether the initial one is capable to get from a tight circumstance. The personal injury Attorney Tampa or defense attorney in Florida would need to certainly be well-experienced while in the discipline of being personal injury Attorney. Crucial part with the employment is mutual between the Attorney and the client. Only a convinced Attorney can convince a jury!

The really initial step in attempting to locate Tampa personal injury Attorney may be to ask around for referrals from happy clients while in the kind of neighbors, relatives and also other pals. Acquiring suggestions and suggestions from an agent who has experienced personal injury trials personally is way over anything else. A list along with the appointed and satisfactory attorneys should be made thereafter.

Although basing one’s selections on others’ suggestions, one phrase of caution is significant. Just because a particular acquaintance didn’t have a relatively positive knowledge having an excellent legal professional that particular injury lawyer shouldn’t be ruled out. Exactly the same way, simply because some relative had a fantastic knowledge which has a particular Attorney doesn’t make that Attorney acceptable for everybody! The final record ought to be prepared only following taking feedback from the 3 major clients with the personal injury Attorney Tampa.

Receiving a couple of relatives who’re linked to legislation practice is pretty helpful even if they aren’t personal injury Attorney s. They may know some great and suggested personal injury attorneys at a professional stage. Added onto the database of feedback off their clients with the Attorney s, trustworthy reviews by relatives in legislation practice often one to the finest possible legal professional.

Although a face-to-face dialogue of attorneys with earlier clients and relatives serves as great technique to begin with, to have an exhaustive record of great personal injury Attorney generating entry to on-line nationwide and local directories. Getting a list of great personal injury Attorney Tampa is no more a large cope with Google around.

Some expert listing websites also develop the ratings feature to have some reviews prepared for possible new buyer. The time the record of great, dependable Attorney form of hosting injury has become prepared, it’s very considerably crucial for you to meet the Attorney in individual to choose upon the next, most excellent personal injury legal professional. An outstanding doing work connection in the middle of the Attorney and also the client is vitally essential.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Car Dual Battery Isolator - How it works?

A battery isolator could be a one-way electrical battery that permits an electrical current to flow in one direction however not the opposite. A battery isolator usually is employed in things where multiple batteries are needed, and its primary purpose is to make sure that the failure of one battery won't incapacitate a whole electrical system.

Battery isolators are utilized in massive trucks, airplanes, boats, utility vehicles and alternative vehicles that need multiple batteries and backup sources of power.

A battery isolator separates multiple batteries from each other to make sure that a vehicle has access to a backup power supply. additionally, a battery isolator ensures that a vehicle's electrical system doesn't pull power from multiple batteries at identical time, which might rapidly drain all the batteries and cause the electrical system to fail. an easy setup is one within which a vehicle contains 2 batteries, each of that are hooked up to the isolator.

The dual battery kit is hooked up to the vehicle's alternator, that is that the device to blame for providing the vehicle with electrical power and for charging the vehicle's battery. The battery isolator uses sensors to work out the quantity of batteries it's connected to and to draw power from the strongest battery. The idle batteries are charged by the alternator, and also the battery isolator will switch power sources if the battery in use suddenly fails.

• There are 2 main kinds of battery isolators: the diode isolator and also the solenoid isolator.

A diode isolator uses 2 high-current diodes to direct the flow of current from the battery to the battery isolator. A diode isolator isn't as complicated as a solenoid isolator, is less complicated to take care of and repair and usually lasts longer.

A solenoid isolator uses many electrical relays to regulate the flow of electrical current. one in every of the relays receives the electrical current from the battery, whereas the opposite relay (known because the central relay) monitors the facility levels of the idle batteries. further relays transmit the charging current from the alternator to the idle batteries. A solenoid battery isolator doesn't have the maximum amount current degradation as a diode isolator and is additional economical.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gaisano Minglanilla Almost Complete

The good thing is that they are causing traffics both day and night. This is Ok because this mall will provide employment and other opportunities to Minglanilla Residence

Pan Cake Design

My wife presented this last month and I find it so delicious.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Taking Down Notes

Are you the type of a person who would take down notes during the discussion? Well, you should be especially when it comes to Math subject. Are you a Math problem solver? I bet you are. Math word problems are only common or usually being taught to those engineering students - because as they say they are the masters of science and math.

Taking Time Slowly

If you are solving your college algebra or Factoring Polynomials, you should take time to make sure that all done is perfect. Sometimes you need to concentrate more and taking your time slowly when taking the major examinations.

Are you given a Free Math Help by your teachers? Do you have tutors from your subject? If you are given a Math Homework help from you siblings, your parents, aunts or an engineer friend who is capable of answering them. Some free homework help is only being offered through online.

Just go and search it online and you

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ludalyn Garden, Minglanilla Cebu

We Provide Landscaping, Constructing Grotto, Wall Garden, and many variety of high quality Fruit-Trees.
Ludalun Garden is  located at Poblacion  Ward IV, Minglanilla Cebu near at the Ward IV Barangay hall.
Our mission is to develop affordable gardens that cater to the needs and preferences of families and help in building peaceful, progressive and God centered communities. And to help preserve mother earth by persuading people to plant more trees in their vicinity.

You can reach us through for more samples of our Our work and to Contact us directly.

Monday, September 27, 2010

CRT Monitor 17" For sale

Sampo CRT Monitor 17" For sale at P1,200. Here in Minglanilla

Just text me and come to our house for testing.

Too old in our stock room. Needs some space.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

What should be the Exercise for Your

One of the most frequently asked questions that I acquire is, “what is best workout routine?”

This is impossible to resolve. There are a million different variables that come to learn and could affect what the greatest workout routine in your case is.

Many of the questions which come to mind are usually:

* what are your goals? (acquire lean muscle or even shed body-fat)
* the quantity of days a week do you have to workout?
* how much knowledge do you have?
* precisely what is your current ailment like?
* just what equipment are there available to you?
* have you been involved in any high level sports activities that would lead to fatigue?

The list goes on and on.

Hence the best workout routine for one particular person could be very different than for another person.

And the people with the finest physiques are invariably changing upward their exercise routine to create new progress. This is because one's body will eventually level doing a similar workout routine repeatedly.

For example: most of the people trying to assemble muscle will observe the same divided where they train the same muscle groups on the day that week after week. They may perform a similar exercises each and every workout and they'll use the identical rep selection and decrease sets.

With the first couple of a few months they might produce good benefits but just after all of their advancement will come to a sudden halt. They will the begining their head and decide that so as to improve they should get their hands on another new serious supplement.

Soon after weeks connected with progress on their brand new product again his or her gains will slow down are available to a second halt. At this stage they will sometimes find another supplement (probably illegal), carry on working out without gains or maybe they will cease.

What people must do is be aware that their no longer making advance and try to discover why. It’s certainly not because your not implementing these the right supplements. It is because one's body needs a new stimulis to adapt to.

Just what exactly should you accomplish?

You should try out and about a new plan!

So I’m planning to help you deliver your workout schedule to the next level! This is a list of the following articles I am about to release:

One. Best Breasts Exercises + Exercise routine for Torso
2. Very best Biceps and Triceps Physical exercises + Workout for Arms
Three. Best Deltoid (glenohumeral joint) Exercises + Workout for Delts
Four. Best Upperback as well as Trap Exercises + Workout regarding Back
5 various. Best Washboard abs Exercises + Work out for Abdominal muscles

In addition I am going to show you the best way to customize the actual exercises in your own exercise program. Whether the goals are generally to gain lean muscle or strengthen. Whether you've got 5 days per week to work out or solely 2. Or maybe whether the a complete beginner or superior trainee.

Obtain excited!

These exercises/workouts are likely to force the body to setback past just about any plateau’s you presently hit. If you decide to haven’t already always join our newsletter by entering in your info on my internet form which can be located * on the top suitable hand corner of this page.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Choosing an Ideal Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment

Searching for the right drug rehab and alcohol treatment center? There are some important factors that you need to consider such as the kind of program you will need to undergo, location, as well as choosing whether you want an individual or group counseling.

Determining the Best Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment

If you are like most people, the first step to accept your condition and then know what concrete action or change you want to make. Setting a goal is essential. Yet again, this can be easy said than done kind of situation.n But the best thing to do is to figure out first what kind of drug treatment or alcohol treatment program that works best with you, then you will have to stick with it no matter what.

Consider a Conducive Location

This is a very important factor to consider. Find a place that can provide you with a healthy environment where you can  spend a time for recovery. Some people like a place nearer to home. While some opt for a location a bit far from home. Select the best drug or alcohol treatment center  that you find most conducive for your condition and recovery.

Individual or Group Counseling

The decision should depend on your case, or level of help you will need for your recovery. Again you should need the expert advice of the professionals when it comes to this. In some cases, joining in a group drug rehab or alcohol rehab is best because you can then get inspiration from others like suffering from the same malaise. However, if your care physician advice you to opt for an personalized individual counciling, this should outweigh other consdirations and should also be the best way to go.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

KingCom DC5360S - Digital Camera made from China

I have digital camera that I bought 3 years ago for my wife graduation celebration. The camera have served its purpose many times. It has 5x zoom, it can record video with sand and it has different shot setting.

My problem now is that it took too much battery power that even I bought new battery it do not last long.

# Effective pixels: 5.0MP
# Sensor type: 1/2.5" CMOS
# Image resolution: 2560x1920 2048x1536 1280x960 640x480
# LCD display: 2.36"LTPS TFT LCD
# Optical viewfinder: NA
# Shutter speed: 2-1/1,000 sec
# Metering mode: Average, Spot
# Exposure compensation: +/-2.0 EV at 1/3 EV step
# Exposure sensitivity: Auto, 50,100,200
# White balance: Auto, Manual, (Daylight, Tungsten, Flourescent1, Flourescent2, Cloudy)
# Movie resolution: 640x480 / 24 fps 320x240 / 24fps
# Movie length: Storage base
# Storage media: External: SD card up to 2GB
# Internal: 32MB (26 MB for storage)
# Video output: NA
# Digital Interface: USB
# Terminal: USB
# Power Source: AA x 2 Batteries
# Dimensions(WxHxD): 91mmx62mmx29mm
# Weight (without battery/SD card): 120g

Monday, August 9, 2010

Beggar in Cebu

Cebu Province is the richest province in the South. It is also enjoying nice position in the field of information technology. Unfortunately, if you visit the barangay areas you will see that Cebu Province is no different with other poor barangay in the Philippines.

This kid is one of the example of poor Cebuano. He is very skillful yet there is no government or public support for them. That is the big problem in Cebu. No program is set up for the poor yet skillful.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

CQA Batch 1992

I found this in the facebook of my classmate.Since I move to another City I have not seen anymore any picture of mine and my friends. So lucky that one of the facebook addict put this picture so I was able to get copy of the history ha ha ha.

Well I know their faces but I forget already some of their names.

CD R King Products

I went to SM Cebu to buy mouse in CD R King. Funny that they are selling technology but they payment system is low tech. They selling method is low tech too.

I hope I could meet their General manager in Sales so that I could ask them why they are so low tech.

Dota or Sex

This is dedicated to some of my friends who spend more time in Dota than with their girlfriends.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

For Rent House in Minglanilla

This House for rent in Minglanilla is located just at the back of St. Cecilia College and 20 meters away from  Tita Gwapa Store. This is about 50meters in La Nueva and 100 meters to coming Gaisano Minglanilla Mall

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines
With its main office - United States

The company is engaged in health informatics which has been in the industry for 10 years is expanding its operations in the Philippines. The company is looking for dynamic individuals to fill in the following positions.

WEB and Application Development

A graduate of computer science, computer engineering or information technology
Knowledgeable in HTML, Java, VB, C#, C++, UML, ERD and other programming languages

Knowledgeable in functional business process
Must have at least 4 years experience in the field of web and application development
Must have strong sense of work ethics and self motivated.

Email your resume with 2x2 pictures to:
Lucky Infosystem
Mandaue City

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inbound and Outbound Call Center Agents

Aegis PeopleSupport has 10000 employees mark

Making one of the biggest outbound and inbound contact centre
In the Philippines. This call center company in the Philippines
Has different branches in 10 countries, 6 continents with more than 39,000
Employees globally. This is the call center outsourcing partner of choice.

Apply via text
Text and send to 0920 9502690

Aegis PeopleSupport Cebu
e-office AsiaTown IT Park
Cebu City – 032-3248200

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SYKES Call Center

SYKES Call Center
Offers P16,000 for entry level


Inbound Customer Service Representatives
Technical Support Representatives

At least 2nd year college level
Fluent written and oral English communication skills
Proficient in writing and business correspondence
Preferable computer literate
Willing to work on shifting schedules and holidays

Financial Support Representatives
College graduate from business related courses
Fluent written and oral English communication skills

Sales Account Representative
For a pioneer team
UK culture training and language
College graduate
Can navigate MS office
Preferred inbound customer service call center experience
Willing to work on shifting schedules and holidays

Apply now in SKYKES Call Center
And get the chance to be one of the first to have the IMAX experience
Log on to

Monday, June 21, 2010



Knowledge in Dreamweaver, PHP and MySQL

Interested applicants must email their resume with 2x2 picture to

Must have a portfolio website
With at least 1 years web development experience
Well versed in PHP and my SQL, .NET and VB

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cashiers, Waiters, Waitress in Cebu

Cashiers, Waiters, Waitress
Receptionists and restaurant supervisors in Cebu

Highly competent individuals with pleasing personality
Excellent interpersonal communication skills
HRM graduate a plus

Cook in Cebu
skiiled kitchen temap player
with at least 2year experience from a reputable restaurant
can work with less supervision

Submit your resume with ID pictures and application letters on of before June 30, 2010

Marian Mall Branch
MEPZ, Lapu Lapu City

The Terraces Branch
Ayala Center - Cebu

Office Clerk in Cebu


College graduate
With or without working office experience
Mature and with pleasing personalities
Flexible and will to render overtime

Apply at:

Aleson Shippng

Web Developers in Cebu

Web Developers (WEB001)
Skills Requirements
Design and maintain web applications, enhance functionality to meet business requirements
Experience in lay outing or HTML
Good English communications skills
Experience in content management or blogging preferred

The HR Officer
NG KHAI Development Corporation
Hernan Cortes St. Banila, Mandaue City
Tel 032-346-2926
Email: hr-ngkhai. com

Inbound Customer Service

Teletech – Your Employer of Choice

At Teletech you are provided with the tools and training programs that will help you not only perform your specific responsibility, but drive you to achieve professional and personal growth as well.

Teletech job fair at the City –
Conference Hall Boardroom SM City Cebu on June 21-22, 2010 10Am to 4Am.

Apply now and became.

Customer Service Associates
Must have at least 6 months inbound or outbound call center work experience

Customer Service Associates Technical Account

Customer Service Associates Technical Account
Chinese-Japanese Native – Korean Native with
P20,000 signing bonus for (Manila Assignment)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Calape Town

This is the highway linking from Calape town going to Tobigon.
I am impressed with the quality of their concrete road.

The inside view of Calape Church

Calape Habal Habal Folks
and Tricycle Design in Bohol

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Workshop Towards Performance Excellence

5S + 2S Workshop Towards Performance Excellence:
Concepts and Best Practices of Records and Filing Management

June 24 - 25, 2010
8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
ASTORIA PLAZA, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Workshop Description:

5S+2 is a two day highly interactive workshop on effective workplace organization and standardized work procedures with the additional of 2S. 5S+2 is a procedure that organizes individual workstation or departments. The primary focus of 5S+2 is the elimination of wastes in the work environment that result from unorganized, unclean material, tools, machines, desks, inventories, aisles, walkways, storage locations. 5S+2 provide a structured methodical approach towards this goal.

Workshop Objectives:

To equip us with the knowledge, understanding and the skill of good corporate housekeeping

To contribute to higher productivity, work efficiency, quality work life, safer and better working environment

To create and maintain good and clean corporate image

Benefits of 5S + 2 for the individual:

  • makes my workplace more pleasant
  • makes me more efficient
  • improves my safety
  • improves quality of my work and my service
  • improves my pride and morale

Benefits of 5S + 2 for the Organization:

  • improves quality/productivity
  • reduces cost
  • makes reporting on time
  • improves morale
  • develop a safe and healthy working environment

Workshop Outline:

Module 1: About 5S

A. What is 5S?
B. Rationale of Implementing 5S
C. Elements of Good Housekeeping Program
D. Definition of each 5S and suggested Practices for each S

Module 2: The 5S Office Standards

A. Discussion of the General Office Standards
B. Developing a Customized Office Standards
C. Developing the Audit Team
D. The Audit Sheet Discussion
E. Spot the Difference Exercise: Audit Exercise

Module 3: 5S Audit Results Discussion

A. Discussion of Non-conformance

Module 4: The 5S in the Workplace

A. Classification management
B. The Red Tag Movement
C. The 30 Seconds Rule
D. Keep things clean + Inspection
E. Standardization
F. Habit formation
G. Create a disciplined workplace

Module 5: Records Management and Its Benefits

A. What is Records Management?
B. Rationale of implementing the records management system
C. What is file management?
D. File Management Principles

Module 6: Life Cycle of Records

A. Basic Concepts
B. Records Creation
C. Retention
D. Disposition

Module 7: Records Schedule

A. Factors in Scheduling
B. Retention Schedule
C. General Schedule
D. Special Schedule

Module 8 : Preparing for Compliance Audits

A. How to Create a Customized Records Management Standard Reference
B. Listing of Nature of Documents
C. Developing the Records Management System for the School
D. Compliance Audit Procedure and Checklist

Module 9 : Tools to make Your 5S and Records Management Program Works

A. Materials needed in Implementing Records Management System and 5S
B. Records Conversion Methods
C. Best Practices to Sustain the Program
D. Promoting Self-Discipline in Sustaining the Program

Module 10 : Development, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the 7S in the workplace

A. Discover the other 2S!
B. What are needed in the implementation of the 5S +2S
C. Key points in implementing the 5S + 2S
D. Key points in sustaining the 5S + 2S

Monday, May 17, 2010

Need Cash Advance?

As the unresolved global financial crisis still ruining people's lives by recession. People need a lot of money to sustain in their family's basic needs. We need to survive in this world no matter what happens.
Every now and then we would be out of cash. We need cash advance for any negotiations or commitments we have or we are going to make. To make this to happen, cash advances are very vital.

Some people are still surviving in their current job but receiving a low amount of salary. Sometimes it's hard for them to get some payday loans or payday advances of their needs. It is so hard nowadays to find a perfect companies that offers payday advances in just a hour with full guarantees.

Even myself is planning again to apply for a personal loan for my family. Actually, I've been doing this for a couple of years already I'm still here depending on this certified company that offers personal loans. They helped us to get through with our commitments and among others.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Content Writers Wanted

Our company is looking for an individual who:

  • can write well in american english
  • excellent communication skills
  • newly graduates are welcome to apply
  • graduate of any course
if you the one qualifies for this, please email your resume to

Monday, May 10, 2010

MInglanilla Election 2010

This is the line of voters located in Tulay Minglanilla Cebu

This is the assistant center provided by the local parish council

Voters line for more than  3 hours before they can get inside the voting room

There are 5 to 7 precint that was combine into one voting machine.

So there are estimate of thousand voters in just 1 computer machine.

Actually it will take you just 15 minutes if you are inside the voting room

It is the outside line that took me 3 hours before I can vote.

Generally the voting situation is peaceful in this part.

What I notice and make me sad is that there are no merienda available to the workers.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Norkis Vehicle Distributor in Cebu

The Norkis motorcycle and multicab sales and distribution is located in Fortuna street in Mandaue.

They are the top provider of motorcycle in Cebu.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bohol Beach Club

This is one of the beautiful beaches in Bohol, look at the sand that's so white. The beach sands are cleaned every morning to add beauty of the beach. At this moment the picture was taken, it's not cleaned yet for it is still early for them.