Monday, November 22, 2010

Car Dual Battery Isolator - How it works?

A battery isolator could be a one-way electrical battery that permits an electrical current to flow in one direction however not the opposite. A battery isolator usually is employed in things where multiple batteries are needed, and its primary purpose is to make sure that the failure of one battery won't incapacitate a whole electrical system.

Battery isolators are utilized in massive trucks, airplanes, boats, utility vehicles and alternative vehicles that need multiple batteries and backup sources of power.

A battery isolator separates multiple batteries from each other to make sure that a vehicle has access to a backup power supply. additionally, a battery isolator ensures that a vehicle's electrical system doesn't pull power from multiple batteries at identical time, which might rapidly drain all the batteries and cause the electrical system to fail. an easy setup is one within which a vehicle contains 2 batteries, each of that are hooked up to the isolator.

The dual battery kit is hooked up to the vehicle's alternator, that is that the device to blame for providing the vehicle with electrical power and for charging the vehicle's battery. The battery isolator uses sensors to work out the quantity of batteries it's connected to and to draw power from the strongest battery. The idle batteries are charged by the alternator, and also the battery isolator will switch power sources if the battery in use suddenly fails.

• There are 2 main kinds of battery isolators: the diode isolator and also the solenoid isolator.

A diode isolator uses 2 high-current diodes to direct the flow of current from the battery to the battery isolator. A diode isolator isn't as complicated as a solenoid isolator, is less complicated to take care of and repair and usually lasts longer.

A solenoid isolator uses many electrical relays to regulate the flow of electrical current. one in every of the relays receives the electrical current from the battery, whereas the opposite relay (known because the central relay) monitors the facility levels of the idle batteries. further relays transmit the charging current from the alternator to the idle batteries. A solenoid battery isolator doesn't have the maximum amount current degradation as a diode isolator and is additional economical.


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