Saturday, December 26, 2009

High Quality Commercial and Residential Mailboxes

As I stumbled upon the web to look for the best and high quality Mailboxes, I found this Mailbox exchange that offers great source of Wall mount mailbox.
What is a mail box? A Mail box is a public container or a deposit box for incoming and outgoing mails which is also called a postbox. A secured mail Boxes should be given an importance because it is where your important documents are to be stored especially when no one receives your letters and documents.
You may spend for another dollar hiring for a security guard to receive and send letters but with a mailbox in your office or in your office is fast and easy. High quality and secured mailboxes is also important. Those mailboxes that can be trusted.
A lot of commercial offices choose to have a secured mailboxes for the less hassle of receiving mails from the post man. Homeowners are also now choose to have mailbox in their house. If they are not around or if no one is around, the post man can still leave their mails in their desired mailboxes.
I know that it is not easy to find for a secured, high quality and afforbadle mail boxes nowadays. You can also research it in the web for further details and etc.

Friday, December 25, 2009

CCTV Camera on Sales this Christmas

CCTV Camera Christmas Promo

Our company is launching Christmas SALE in new CCTV cameras
with High Quality, Newest design & Low price as below.

EN-SI100F-----Weatherproof IR camera, IR Distance 100M, 8mm CS Lens, Water resisitance : IP66

1/4" SONY colour CCD  420 TVL    usd  $39 only
1/3" SONY colour CCD  540 TVL     
usd $53 only

If you are interested please leave a message here with your cell number, landline or email.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The History of German Christmas Market

Each eyar Christmas markets spring up around in the weeks before the holidays, signaling the begenning of Advent. The centuries old tradition reaches back to a time when regular seasonal markets took place throughout the year. Christmas markets were a welcome occurrence during cold weather months. They were joyful occasions for weary villagers and added a bit of light to long winter nights.

The first markets were little more than winter markets that lasted a couple of days. Instead of the cozy stands that line market alleys today, traders in some cities laid their goods our in the streets.
Through the years, each market has stayed true to its own particularities, with each specializing on local delicacies and traditional products. In the past, only local tradesmen were allowed to sell their wares at the city's market, which the distinctive regional character of today's markets.

Today, German Christmas markets serve much the same function that they have for centuries - as a festive meeting place for locals and a market for homemade Christmas ornaments and decorations. Some of the most traditional German handicrafts can be found here in the weeks before Christmas - from nutcrackers, wooden figurines and straw stars.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dry Christmas Season In Minglanilla

I usually drive my Motorcycle from call center office to our house in Minglanilla Springwoods every night. It always took me 30minute from Cebu City to Minglanilla proper since there are less vehicles anymore.

What make surprise this night is that the number of Christmas light in the street. When I first arrive in Minglanilla or my first Christmas in Minglanilla I was impressed by the Christmas lights specially in the Springwoods village. I may say, its like living in Makati area because of colorful Christmas light.

The same thing in Minglanilla town proper, you will enjoy the lights everywhere you look. Even the known municipal councilor house have her own Christmas light at the top of her house 1km from the Minglanilla town proper.

Now its too dark and i have to use my head light. Minglanilla is now experiencing dry Christmas season. I think the people here are now experience economic difficulty. Even the sound of fire cracker is no longer exiting. Its Dec 17 and a few day for the Christmas season yet I hear no fire cracker here in Minglanilla.

Tomorrow I will add some picture as evidence of my post

Still, I like to greet everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gold Investment

As the unresolved global financial crisis affecting many countries have turned investors shifting their minds focusing on GOLD. Gold coins has been considered to be the most important assett you can have especially now in the times of global financial crisis.
People are now looking for a secure investment after retiring from their jobs on which they can depend upon. Gold coins are very important and in fact it is the ultimate assett we can have. As I have surfed through the web looking for an alternative on how we can have a secure and safe investments, I just knew that putting our Gold in an IRA is much secure and safe.
The ongoing recession is yet the greatest threat that we should give importance. Buying of Gold or Gold Coins might be the best choice and it should be deposited in a secured Gold Depository.

 The value of Gold is accelerating everyday due to like Gas and Oil prices, Bank deficit and etc. which might affect the global economy. A lot of people now are investing Gold into their IRA accounts and began collecting or buying Gold coins like American Gold Eagle, American Gold Buffalo and etc.

In this case, Gold is the most important asset nowadays.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friendster Social Networking Site Purchased by Malaysian Businessman

Malaysian tycoon Vincent Tan announced a deal to buy Friendster, a social networking site that still retains a strong following in Southeast Asia after losing in global popularity to Facebook and MySpace.

Because of inability to share profit, poor site integration of games and widgets, let opportunity to add new friends, no API with Google and Yahoo, friendster lost its global share yet they are still in command in southeast Asia.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

PGMA Want Investigation on AFP about Ampatuan Guns

PGMA ordered the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) top brass to conduct an internal investigation on the government-produced ammunition that were recovered from the Ampatuans.

The AFP must explain how government- produced ammunition found their way into the Ampatuan clan's private arsenal and who were responsible for this apparent diversion, Director Pepito Bauto of the Bureau of Government Arsenal in Bataan, said.

This is the order of the president after the death of 57 people including dozens of journalist. Better late than never at the end of her term

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Myrtle Beach resorts is truly accomodating with a Condo. I'm sure almost all of us want to relax with a stress-free mind, do the sun bathing in the white sand Myrtle Beach, and to feel the warm weather this holiday season.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Family Day in Minglanilla Central School - SciTech

Last November 30, the Minglanilla Central School known as SciTech celebrate Family day with various presentation and games.

For any business related interest, please visit Administrative Virtual Assistant

Fortunately, the grade 1 won the first place in presentation.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Minglanilla Sports Complex

Minglanilla Sports Complex
Hundreds visitors watched the latest Paquiao - Cotto fight last 3 week ago. Everybody cheers for Pacman as expeceted. When the National Anthem of Puerto Rico was played, you can see and hear in the big screen that they are cheering for the Anthem.

What disappointed me is that when the Philippines National Anthem was played, viewers from Minglanilla did not cheer the song. What a sad reality that Filipino's are no longer proud of our national anthem.

Calajoan Minglanilla Cebu

This is the farm at the back of Minglanilla town center. This is known as barangay Calajoan Minglanilla Cebu. This barangay is famous for I think twice in a row, there is a house there raid for producing fake money and distributing it during Christmas Season.

Calajoan Minglanilla

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Alberto's Pizza in Minglanilla

Alberto's Pizza is becoming the destination of Minglanillahon because of taste and affordable value.
They are even open until 10pm. Prices of family size pizza range from P115 to P130 enough for 4 persons. Visit them in Minglanilla, 1 km away from the town going to City

Alberto's Pizza in Minglanilla

Thursday, December 3, 2009

War Zone in Negros Occidental

Barcelona, who filed his candidacy as an independent candidate for mayor against Melecio Yap Jr., feared that the killing of not only Malunes (his political leader), but his 10 other political leaders since 2007, signals of a clear indication that "democracy in Escalante City had long been dead.

He filed for the immediate relieve of Chief of Police Santiago Rapiz and SPO1 Angel Boy Sinajan "for biases" and "partisan" police service.
When will be the time come that our policemen will stand in their own principles? A known family member of mine have disappointing experience with Policeman too when he got motorcycle accident. The victim already express to settle the issue through monetary but the policemen wanted a share. Instead of upholding law and justice, more became Kotong cops, practice partisan and become follower of politician like the suspected policemen in Mindanao 57 masacre victim.