Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dry Christmas Season In Minglanilla

I usually drive my Motorcycle from call center office to our house in Minglanilla Springwoods every night. It always took me 30minute from Cebu City to Minglanilla proper since there are less vehicles anymore.

What make surprise this night is that the number of Christmas light in the street. When I first arrive in Minglanilla or my first Christmas in Minglanilla I was impressed by the Christmas lights specially in the Springwoods village. I may say, its like living in Makati area because of colorful Christmas light.

The same thing in Minglanilla town proper, you will enjoy the lights everywhere you look. Even the known municipal councilor house have her own Christmas light at the top of her house 1km from the Minglanilla town proper.

Now its too dark and i have to use my head light. Minglanilla is now experiencing dry Christmas season. I think the people here are now experience economic difficulty. Even the sound of fire cracker is no longer exiting. Its Dec 17 and a few day for the Christmas season yet I hear no fire cracker here in Minglanilla.

Tomorrow I will add some picture as evidence of my post

Still, I like to greet everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR.


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