Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mommy Gave This Guitar to me but I Could Not Play Anymore

If you work in a call center as IT folks either web content writer, seo specialist, link builder, web developer, graphics artist and web designer. the tendency is that you do not have time to play because your attention is to spend time learning the latest technology related to your career.

Most of the IT Gurus usually have their own task when they come home from work either mastering the skills or applying their new learned skills to their personal websites or personal project. Some even have project for their own clients.

I bet Philippines will become the outsourcing capital in the world someday so every graduating student should take IT courses.

Minglanilla Oval Hikers/Joggers Club Corp

Quarterly Meeting

June 30, 2012 at 12nn

Cowboy grill Tungkop - Palm Beach


1. Financial Report
2. Signing of SEC Membership
3. Amendments and election of Chairman of the Board of Trustees
4. Other matters

note: members

Attendance is compulsory because you are required to sign a membership registration book of the Security and Exchange Commission

For those who are interested party to be a member you are highly invited to join the meeting

Manuel Valley
Corporate Treasurer

Corporate President

Minglanilla Sports Development for High School

Today the Tulay National High School is celebrating the Nutrition Month as well as School Intramurals to be held in Minglanilla Complex.

Because of less support from local government, the school sports development was left in the hand of busy teachers. The local government forget its duty to each constitutient by providing or supporting the school with sports specialist or sports trainer.

The Cebu province have many talents in sports specially basketball from UC, Footbal from Don Bosco and Badminton varsities from University of Cebu. These people are willing to share their skills in talent and can be their sports trainor at small amount yet there are no proper communication between the 3 groups.

No wonder this is happening not only in Minglanilla but also in entire nation.