Friday, October 30, 2009

UK Govt Want Paid Product and Services Review Reveal

This post discuss about blog paid review which is very common among blogger like me. I found it in one of the site that discuss well about the paid review.

First let me say that I respect your opinion for what you believe about paid reviews. But think of it like this, how does it look to your readers and other reviewers? The public frowns on paid reviews because if you got a positive review, they will automatically assume it was because you paid for it. Also, other reviewers lose respect for authors who go through these venues and it can damage an author's reputation. You only have to pay for ONE review and then you will be seen as someone who always pays, even if it's not the case. Your fellow authors frown upon this also and it's not an effective way of promotion.

I've known of many instances where new authors were TAKEN by people who charged for book reviews. The authors paid and guess what, they never got a review! Don't believe that just because you pay that your book will be reviewed, it's just a way to get your money.

No real, honorable review is worth your money. A real reviewer who takes their job seriously does not charge authors because they know that a review paid for means about as much as an old grocery list. There are millions of places that will give you a review and it's free.

If you have problems where you're not getting your book reviewed and it's been set up (contact that reviewer), you have every right to do this. But please understand that most reviewers will review books that authors send in. It might take some a long time because they have many other books, but they get to them. One lady took months to review my book but she had it on her blog that she was behind schedule. She finally reviewed it and apologized to me for how long it took. Was I angry or upset? Not at all. Part of this industry is patience in every part of it. That not only included pre-publication patience, but patience afterwards. If you feel you are being shifted to the side by a reviewer who has AGREED to read your work, contact them. But don't let one situation make you go to pay reviews. No one has any respect for them, believe me.

I would be very put off if I read a good review of a book and found out the author paid for it. I would also have a funny feeling about the author because the practice of paid reviews is not ethical. Forget what I think as an author, as a reader, if I read a positive review of a book especially and saw the author paid I'd be like, "Oh please! She paid for this. I can't take this review seriously." And it would leave a bad taste in my mouth for the reviewer and the author.

One thing authors can do is email reviewers FIRST, asking them if they will review your book. This puts you in their mind and sets you apart from the stack if you have a fear that your book will be looked over. Contact ahead of time is what gets you through the slush pile, not paying. Most times the reviewer is very eager to get a book if they've spoken to the author first. Most of them review very quickly. They really love it when authors agree to send autographed copies. This will get your book read before others most times.

You worked hard to write your book, Christy. You deserve a review that's based on the reviewer's opinion and their passion for reviewing instead of your money. Also, how would you feel if you got a negative review after paying? Paying doesn't mean you'll get a good review either. I'd be pissed if I paid money AND got a terrible review.

At the end of the day it's all up to you. Think about this, how would you know the reviewer meant what they said if you paid for it? I want a reviewer to like my book because they liked it, not because I paid them. That would mean squat to me and even less to my readers.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Charice Pempengco Latest Concert

Charice Pempengco concert with David Foster and Friends at the New York Madison Square Garden. Charice is the last performer and consider as grand finale of the show. Imagine these people were presented first before Charice appear in the show.: Philip Bailey, Deborah Coxx, Peter Cetera, and the American Idols alumni Ruben Studdard and Michael Johns.

People stand when she sing the famous American song "God Bless America"

More power to our Charice, all brown support is yours

Monday, October 26, 2009

La Nueva Store in Minglanilla

The La Nueva Store Mall in Minglanilla will be fully operated this coming December. The establishment of this mall have cause two more mall operator to stop their construction in Minglanilla. The Gaisano Minglanilla will not continue as well as the plan Robinson in Minglanilla.

There are 2 competing mini mart now and its pose better option to the Minglanillahon. The Tita Gwapa Grocery and the Prince Warehouse Club which is less expensive than Tita Gwapa.

La Nueva Store in Cebu
Cebu as Call Center Capital of Asia
Canopy on sale in Cebu
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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Noble Gentleman of our Time

The son of former chief justice Hilario Davide now Cebu City Councilor resign his post as City Councilor to serve as chairman of the political party that will campaign for the Aquino and Roxas candidacy in Cebu Province.

Cebu City HallHe is also rumored to run for gubernatorial race of Cebu Province this coming 2010 election. In his speech he humbly gives his sincere thanks to the member of the Cebu City Council. Davide wanted to bring back the “harmonious relationship between the two (Cebu City and province) local government units of Cebu.” If this thing happens the much awaited LRT will run from north to south in the coming year.

What is impressive in this guy is that he resigns voluntarily in his post to avoid confusion and conflict of duty within government offices. If you can remember that there are some politician handling cabinet position at the same time serving as Senator. That is a violation of the principle “YOU CAN NOT SERVE TWO MASTER AT THE SAME TIME" which everyone i believed will agree. In simple term we call this Power Hunger Mania.

This young politician also believed that the Aquino Roxas leadership is the best ever assembled national leader since both have uncontested integrity, knowledge and experience plus technical skills in trade industry and technology.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fastest Navy Ship

The US Navy have new killing machine. They considered as the fastest battle ship in her size. US has many other ships but this one is consider as the fastest ship for chasing pirates and drug dealers. It is known as Independence - LCS 2 which pass the test in the sea of mexico gulf.

The new ship can travel at 80+ kilometers per hour. It's now faster than SKYGO motorcycle whose fastest speed is only 80km hours and sound is already alarming.

The expected completion and distribution of this ship will be next year. However, before it actually send for service it need to pass a series of combat mission similar to graduating officers in the Arm Forces. We can expect now that this ship is somewhere in Pirates infested location somewhere in Africa..

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Story of White Slavery In Baguio City

You will not believe this. This Samar Ladies applied for work in Luzon and landed in White Slavery in Baguio City.

Home come some local government miss this bulgar show of crime

Friday, October 16, 2009

Map of Minglanilla Cebu

Can you find the in this map the town of Minglanilla?

This post is for fun only. Do not take it seriously.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Join a Contest and Win $800 shoes.

All you need to do is comment on the website that discuss about "Carmen Steffens" shoes and you will have the chance to owned that nice shoes.

Leave a valid email address and who ever the best tag line will win the price. That too simple.

They said the shoes
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Why Filipino is the World's Best Customer Representative

Filipino Call Center Agent in Cebu
A lot of companies now are concerned of contracting customer service assistants and they are afraid of declining their clients. But in fact, outsourcing these important tasks to a live operation answering service is better than working hardly with current employees through voice mail systems.

Filipino hospitality is inborn
. They give the best customer service not only because of training and experience but because it is culture and belongs to the Filipino values about hospitality, respect to other and generosity. "Bayanihan" is Filipino culture of helping others who without asking for return.

Companies will not regret to trust a group of proficient live operators to fully screen every customer calls from clients and vice versa clients will enjoy talking and chatting to lively, confident, friendly live operators and entertain them by responding with their concerns. They support calls to meet customer’s needs and to satisfy them. They have higher levels of customer satisfaction because they are experts in Inbound customer service.

Army Like Training. Live operators should have excellent phone answering support that’s why it should be provided to have professional training for efficiency and effectively to provide clients and ultimate services. Experience trainor know exactly what the clients wanted when they make a call. Telephone personalities or telephone manners is important for a inbound customer service.

Flexible Service Plans - In a certain business world, there is no such thing as the same ways on conducting a business. Even if you are in the same company, the clients have their own way of conducting a business. They also have different personalities and different interests. Providing a multiple service plans for the mix and match set of service features.

Round the Clock Support. A lot of business didn’t know the cost-effective way of hiring virtual assistant services after office hours. The 24-hour answering services will give you the utmost updates, be alerted to sales opportunities or even receiving important business updates. Having a 24-hour support is very essential in most business companies.

When a certain company outsourced their business and contract with Philippines answering service, live operators will definitely help you boost your income and increase customer satisfaction. But only one of those companies who give detailed inventory for every clients.

Hybrid Dog in Cebu

Have dress your favorite dog like this? This is one of the layso dog i ever seen.
Dressing like human and he has his own bed actually.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Regine Travel Video

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Valerie Concepcion

She is known as wowwowie girl everyday. We know her killer smile and nice voice plus her sense of humor make her one of Willies favorite co host.

In this issue of Maxim magazine, she show some skin to push her career into major role.
That is why Manny is her first lucky guy. I bet this girl will become the next Vilma Santos. Bright, Beauty and Body. What is your comment about it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

What Happen if Everyone in a Vampire?

A movie that set where everyone is vampire. No one get old and everyone cal live forever.

Instinct human race is being hunted by the vampire race to culture their blood. They call it as blood farming. The vampire is worried of short supply of blood. "We only have enough blood to sustain our population".

The vampire are worried for the number of human is getting small causing scarcity of foods. On the other hand, a group of remaining human organize themselves to survive.

It is vampire survival through human blood against survival of remaining race and avoid distinction.

Watch the movie trailer entitled "DAYBREAK"

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pacquiao Should not be too Relax Against Miguel Cotto

Manny Pacquiao coach Bob Arum reminded him that he should be not too confident against Miguel Cotto as their fight is near. The two will meet on Nov 14 at Las Vegas, Nevada.

Last month, Bob Arum get anger against somebody from Pacquiao team because of delayed practice and too much showbiz appearance. As a coach who have coming fight in just 2 months, my worried will be the same.

Bob Arum said Cotto could be the biggest Pacquiao fight in his entire career. His reason are  specific and real. Cotto is far bigger than Paquiao, Cotto have deadly left hook like Pacquiao and he moves well too like Pacquiao does in the ring..
Well this picture of Manny the Champ Pacman is something to worry us. He is more inspired now to become actor than boxer.

The badminton club of Minglanilla is now back after almost 1 year of absence.The players was temporarily adopted in Naga Town but now after the construction of the badminton court, the team is ready once again.

Dynamic Badminton Association of Minglanilla

The secretary of the Dynamic Badminton Association of Minglanilla. They are also good smasher. The pictures are taken during the first meeting. Today Oct 4, is the 2nd meeting that will discuss the upcoming tournament.

badminton secretary and players

Badminton players in Minglanilla are class D level owing to the schedule of work. Nevertheless, this sports serves it purpose which is health and enjoyment.

The Membership for 1 year is only P100 pesos and the entrance fee every time you play is P5 only. The 5 entrance fee is for the cleaners mirienda.

All Minglanillahon and nearby residence are welcome to this club. Of course as long as you pay the necessary fees.