Saturday, October 3, 2009

The badminton club of Minglanilla is now back after almost 1 year of absence.The players was temporarily adopted in Naga Town but now after the construction of the badminton court, the team is ready once again.

Dynamic Badminton Association of Minglanilla

The secretary of the Dynamic Badminton Association of Minglanilla. They are also good smasher. The pictures are taken during the first meeting. Today Oct 4, is the 2nd meeting that will discuss the upcoming tournament.

badminton secretary and players

Badminton players in Minglanilla are class D level owing to the schedule of work. Nevertheless, this sports serves it purpose which is health and enjoyment.

The Membership for 1 year is only P100 pesos and the entrance fee every time you play is P5 only. The 5 entrance fee is for the cleaners mirienda.

All Minglanillahon and nearby residence are welcome to this club. Of course as long as you pay the necessary fees.


i'd like to know how i can join the badminton club.pls provide details or numbers to call.


armie 2725497

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