Friday, October 30, 2009

UK Govt Want Paid Product and Services Review Reveal

This post discuss about blog paid review which is very common among blogger like me. I found it in one of the site that discuss well about the paid review.

First let me say that I respect your opinion for what you believe about paid reviews. But think of it like this, how does it look to your readers and other reviewers? The public frowns on paid reviews because if you got a positive review, they will automatically assume it was because you paid for it. Also, other reviewers lose respect for authors who go through these venues and it can damage an author's reputation. You only have to pay for ONE review and then you will be seen as someone who always pays, even if it's not the case. Your fellow authors frown upon this also and it's not an effective way of promotion.

I've known of many instances where new authors were TAKEN by people who charged for book reviews. The authors paid and guess what, they never got a review! Don't believe that just because you pay that your book will be reviewed, it's just a way to get your money.

No real, honorable review is worth your money. A real reviewer who takes their job seriously does not charge authors because they know that a review paid for means about as much as an old grocery list. There are millions of places that will give you a review and it's free.

If you have problems where you're not getting your book reviewed and it's been set up (contact that reviewer), you have every right to do this. But please understand that most reviewers will review books that authors send in. It might take some a long time because they have many other books, but they get to them. One lady took months to review my book but she had it on her blog that she was behind schedule. She finally reviewed it and apologized to me for how long it took. Was I angry or upset? Not at all. Part of this industry is patience in every part of it. That not only included pre-publication patience, but patience afterwards. If you feel you are being shifted to the side by a reviewer who has AGREED to read your work, contact them. But don't let one situation make you go to pay reviews. No one has any respect for them, believe me.

I would be very put off if I read a good review of a book and found out the author paid for it. I would also have a funny feeling about the author because the practice of paid reviews is not ethical. Forget what I think as an author, as a reader, if I read a positive review of a book especially and saw the author paid I'd be like, "Oh please! She paid for this. I can't take this review seriously." And it would leave a bad taste in my mouth for the reviewer and the author.

One thing authors can do is email reviewers FIRST, asking them if they will review your book. This puts you in their mind and sets you apart from the stack if you have a fear that your book will be looked over. Contact ahead of time is what gets you through the slush pile, not paying. Most times the reviewer is very eager to get a book if they've spoken to the author first. Most of them review very quickly. They really love it when authors agree to send autographed copies. This will get your book read before others most times.

You worked hard to write your book, Christy. You deserve a review that's based on the reviewer's opinion and their passion for reviewing instead of your money. Also, how would you feel if you got a negative review after paying? Paying doesn't mean you'll get a good review either. I'd be pissed if I paid money AND got a terrible review.

At the end of the day it's all up to you. Think about this, how would you know the reviewer meant what they said if you paid for it? I want a reviewer to like my book because they liked it, not because I paid them. That would mean squat to me and even less to my readers.


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