Friday, June 27, 2008

NIce blog about success of cebuanao

Visit his/her site at nice kaayo ang mga picture. Educational and aspiring

More Pictures of Minglanilla

The Minglanilla Complex. Currently hosting 2008 Basketball tournament of SK

Pride of Minglanilla 1

Anna Lowell - graduated magna cumlaude BS Biology, University of Mary Washington,Fredricksburg, VA 5/10/2008

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Minglanilla: your home, my home!

Cebu nowadays is already being lived by people with very different and opposite likes and dislikes, different culture, different attitudes and different language. The relation? Minglanilla is the best place to live since it is located away from the busy streets of the city and still has plenty of vacant lots for sale to those who will be deciding to purchase lots and houses. This is a good place people who wants to have that peaceful environment and at the same time can also be a place for people who wants to live near the city because this is just minutes away drive to the city. Also available are banks, private schools, hospitals, beaches and pension houses, restaurants and leisure areas. So come on now be entertained and try to surrender yourself to the pampering environment of the place.

More Minglanilla Pictures

This is the basketball court of the Minglnailla Comple. It is used many times in invitation tournaments with National Players

minglanilla cebu
This is the front of the new complex building. Still have incomplete paint for 7 years already.

minglanillaThis is the main road to the elementary building. You can see the HE rooms and the new 2 biulding donated by Filipino Chinese Businessman which are being use now by section 1

minglanilla cebuThis is the ground prior to kabanhawan festival

What is new in Minglanilla

What to know the latest in Minglanilla? Before i discuss this matter, I like to everyone to be inform that Minglanilla Cebu is located almost 10km south east of Cebu Province. It is 1 hour in ordinary bus buy if you use the SRP road you will spend 3o minutes only. Well the latest is that our current mayor is sicked. It is the vice mayor who are presiding the town. School days will open on Tuesday and the prince warehouse Minglanilla is busy with buyers as again.

The town market is constructed last April i think. The wet goods has just transferred.
The market formally closed the road and the main road is now block with vendors. The best thing na kalingawan ng tao karon ay ukay ukay every saturday and sunday. Its too cheap. I just bought 2 pants for 75 each. A short that is P75 pesos normally cost us 200 in the mall.
minglanilla cebu
Just view some picture of Central Elementary School below. Its the new and unfinished complex constructed by almost 3 terms of mayor. I will provide you more picture in the future.