Monday, May 17, 2010

Need Cash Advance?

As the unresolved global financial crisis still ruining people's lives by recession. People need a lot of money to sustain in their family's basic needs. We need to survive in this world no matter what happens.
Every now and then we would be out of cash. We need cash advance for any negotiations or commitments we have or we are going to make. To make this to happen, cash advances are very vital.

Some people are still surviving in their current job but receiving a low amount of salary. Sometimes it's hard for them to get some payday loans or payday advances of their needs. It is so hard nowadays to find a perfect companies that offers payday advances in just a hour with full guarantees.

Even myself is planning again to apply for a personal loan for my family. Actually, I've been doing this for a couple of years already I'm still here depending on this certified company that offers personal loans. They helped us to get through with our commitments and among others.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Content Writers Wanted

Our company is looking for an individual who:

  • can write well in american english
  • excellent communication skills
  • newly graduates are welcome to apply
  • graduate of any course
if you the one qualifies for this, please email your resume to

Monday, May 10, 2010

MInglanilla Election 2010

This is the line of voters located in Tulay Minglanilla Cebu

This is the assistant center provided by the local parish council

Voters line for more than  3 hours before they can get inside the voting room

There are 5 to 7 precint that was combine into one voting machine.

So there are estimate of thousand voters in just 1 computer machine.

Actually it will take you just 15 minutes if you are inside the voting room

It is the outside line that took me 3 hours before I can vote.

Generally the voting situation is peaceful in this part.

What I notice and make me sad is that there are no merienda available to the workers.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Norkis Vehicle Distributor in Cebu

The Norkis motorcycle and multicab sales and distribution is located in Fortuna street in Mandaue.

They are the top provider of motorcycle in Cebu.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bohol Beach Club

This is one of the beautiful beaches in Bohol, look at the sand that's so white. The beach sands are cleaned every morning to add beauty of the beach. At this moment the picture was taken, it's not cleaned yet for it is still early for them. 

Western Union in Minglanilla

There are at least 2 Western Union Office in Minglanilla. Another Western Union franchise under different companies are found specially in the pawnshops.

Western Union  in Minglanilla

Pawnshop in Minglanilla - Gemmary Pawnshop and Jewellery

The number of pawnshop in Minglanilla are increasing. The business maybe good for them but of not to their customers.

There are many new businesses arising in this town recently. I do not know if this is sign of progress or just a test of new economy.

Kids and Computer Games

This boy loves to play computer games.

Actually, I can not believe that a 4 years old kid already knew how to play computer games. Just added one competitor in the time of computer usage.

He do not mind the falling head phone as long as he is winning the game

TESDA School in Minglanilla

This is the TESDA branch located in Minglanilla

There are few courses being offer in this school. It is located in Barangay Calahuan Minglanilla Cebu

Minglanilla Ref and Aircon Technician

Where can you find in Minglanilla a repair shop for air condition, refrigerator and washing machine.

Most of their dispany is Refrigeration

But they do home servicing

It took them 30 minutes to repair my washing machine at P500 for repair .