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Multicab for rent in Cebu

P400 lang within Talisay - Minglanilla and Naga.
P 500 If until San Fernando -
P700 If going to City

This for rent multicab is FB or box type good for family outing or gathering.

The multicab has a maximum of 12 persons passengers. You will like this because you will not get wet during rains.

All prices include driver. I do not accept self driven multicab kay daghang kawat karon.

For rent multicab pick up good for cargo and lipat bahay.

P1000 only within Cebu province excluding gasoline for whole day
P700 only if between two cities or between two town and city in Cebu Province.
P400 only if between Minglanilla, Tabunok and Naga include gasoline.

For sale Multicab in Cebu (closed van, pick up, double cab)

The Multicab for rent here in Cebu have canopy now.

call or text at 09202449658 or email me at

You can also leave comment here if you want to be call or email. Leave also any details of your trip like location, time, type of loads (no illegal please) and requirements.


Click here, if you are looking for Sale Multicab in Cebu. Dial the same number and we will discuss your term.


This is affordable already.

Pick up type multicab for rent.
If withing Minglnailla, Naga and Talisay, P300 ra free gasoline and driver.

If within city P400 ra.
texl lang

If musaka like busay, P500 lang ang rent sa Multicab na ito within Cebu

Price within Cebu City is P500 now due to increase of gasoline prices. If you need kargador just add 100 per person. You need to inform me the kind of baggage that you have. No illegal baggage allowed please

Multicab in Cebu is the most common transportation due to lesser gasoline expenses.

Ang multicab karon na a single Canopy.

Check lang picture here

Multi cab minimum today within the city of cebu is P500. If cross cities like lapu lapu you need to add for gasoline worth P100

Cars you can save fuel Philippines... sells like pancakes.

pang business, pang pamilya pa
tipid sa gas

the suzuki carry shem multicab?

1) cheap , affordable
2) fuel efficient
3) low maintenance cost
4) safer than a motorcycle...

call your loved ones , relatives
abroad, we can help OFW, students,

look at our website:


or type " shem multicab" at yahoo search

we can deliver to major sea ports in the Philippines..

Order direct from a manufacturer...


Ken Chan
Shem Trading Corp.
Beside Cebu Coliseum
Sanciangco St., Cebu 6000
63917-4688107 - call me directly at this mobile#


Barangay Patrol Cars,
Bayan Cab, Easy ride,
Fb type, Multicab
Mitsubishi, Isuzu cars

P500 na karon ang PRICE without Gasoline pa. You pay for the gasoline.
Depends sa distance.

hello mo rent unta ko ani kana pang drive test lng sa LTO pila sad kaha dali raman kaau na

how much is the rent if the route is minglanilla to alegria south coz we have a reunion to attend. tnx

Japanese Cebu Business Partner Needed asap

call 63917-4688107

IT, Real estate,

if...adto moalboal gikan mandaue?

if from cebu city to minglanilla? niya hatid-sundo cya? pila kaya na? tapos closed multicab good for mga max of 20 people?

want to rent lang...from camputhaw to tops...without driver...

Where can we purchase a van type multicab's?

inbound call center

Loving your blog, awesome tips on this you have here. I
would just like to ask you some questions privately, mind
contacting me at sales@ company logo
logo design

yes multicab in Cebu one sale 2010 - order direct

call Shem Trading Corp. 6332-2556934

Hi tanong ko lang po kung mag kano ang multicab na van type with airco and power styring
You can send me a Message at thanks

Affordable Multicab Box Type for Rent. Good for Family outing and cargo transport.

Outsourcing Philippines Cebu
great business

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Want to advertise your rental on my blog? (I live in Minglanilla too) Can add it to my vehicle rentals on (gets around 2000 readers a day).

tapos closed multicab good for mga max of 20 people?

I love your blog. It is very interesting. Can you post some other topic? Online CNA Classes


Our multicab for rent has maximum capacity of 8 passengers. If you are more than that i advise you to get the van with 13 passengers.
Here is the link

Karon pila na ang renta sa multicab ninyo?

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