Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Keyless Lock for your Family Safety

Two weeks ago, two neighbors of mine in Minglanilla Springwoods just next to our house was robbed. The two houses are locked for the family is in weekend travel. Both families arrive at the same time and day and found that their house was open and they lost valuable things. How the robbers got in. Apparently the door lock was not forcedly open so it means the robbers use master key. The worst thing is that they were robbed the same night and most probably less than 10 minutes interval.

I was awake that night playing computer games particularly the Age of the Empire when it happens. I heard our dog barking but it is only once so it did not merit my time to look on my neighbor’s house. What worry me now is that our house in Minglanilla might be the next target. This incident prompted me to look for new door lock technology. Since the robbers are now high tech then I must find a way to safeguard our house. What comes to my mind now is a keyless lock. This should be a door lock that does need keys in which robbers apparently have inventory of keys in this town.

What should be I benefit for a keyless lock? This lock should be open by a family member only. It should not be a number combination that my 4 years old baby boy will not worry about. I have a mountain bike that until now has chain lock in it simply because i forget the number.

While surfing the internet i found this keyless lock technology known as Biometric locks which use fingerprint identification as the primary locking mechanism. This technology if I am going to trust should be dependable and of course for a lower level family here in Cebu, it should be affordable. Axxiss Biometrics, the manufacturer of the keyless lock or finger print activated lock said the technology is normally used in business establishment, They reproduce it for a house hold consumer since they believed that the security of your home is more important the security of the office.

I also found out that this keyless lock can also determine or configure the time and date of allowable access of certain person in your house. It means it is good if you have visitors. We sometime invited carpenters, laborers in house if we are having problem with leakage and termites.

The next thing I need to know is how to install and configure it. Reading through its sites information, they said it easy and smooth to configure. It is like user friendly graphics user interface in our computer term. So what if I got trouble will installing the products, I got to have the customer service and they should provide us like what the Philippines call center customer service where the employees stays 24/7. This call service should be technically good and easy to understand. At least the supplier pledge its affordability and quality service so I will try one and let your know its product review later.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Car Racing in Cebu City

Last Saturday June 27, 2009, this car and cart racing was held in Cebu

This one did not win but the speed and power, this car is grade ace for me.

Car Racing Tips

Posted for the benefit of our business supporter no other than Inbound Customer Service

Monday, June 22, 2009

Record your favorite program with DirectTV

The town of Minglanilla is almost 15 kilometers away for the City. It has low level elevation that is why there are problems during rainy season. Floods are now street and soil are moving with waters.

Not only that, since some portion are lowest point, the TV reception is poor. You can also see 2 channels. That is ABS CBN and GMA 7. Now if you are using Sky cable to watch your favorite programs you also miss event since you need to leave for work and any other business appointment.

The solution is this, subscribe now with DirectTV. Direct TV uses HD DVR that can record your favorite programs while enjoying . Yes you can now watch again the show, sports event, major news and other world concern updates with the help of Direct TV.

Once again Using Direct T V gives you advantage of watching your favorite ESPN, latest movies from HBO and Star Network, BBC news or CNN updates. You will not worry's with weather since the programs are recorded already. To get more details visit now at There you will find more promos and discount. There is a free Direct TV if you win

Order DIRECTV today and receive a FREE HD DVR Receiver upgrade.* You can record, pause and rewind live TV as well as scan through up to 50 hours of your favorite saved DIRECTV® programming in razor-sharp HD or 200 hours of standard-definition programming. Be update with the latest technology and information.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Philippines Buildings and Cebuano workers

These are the picture I took the last time I visit Manila
You can found this building in Makati along Ayala Avenue. These buildings are now being used as offices of Call Center in Philippines. The last time i visited this street was amazing for they are now open even 12 midnight. This is because of the presence of those outsourcing companies in Makati City.

Philippine Buildings
The reason i posted this pictures here is to encourage Cebuanos to aim high by working together for better economic development.

Makati Buildings
I have been living in Cebu for almost 8 years and i find Cebuanos in general "NOT UNITED". They have different choice of leaders and the do not patronage their owned politicians.

Call Center Buildings
I also got disappointment working some of them. I find SOME Cebuanos do no know team work. I have work for more than 7 years when i am in Manila and i am enjoying the company of my former office mate. It was like we are brother and sisters

Philippine call center facilities
Working in 3 companies or institution in Cebu did not satisfied me at all. Yes i did work in private sale company, in government and now in call center. There were some office mate that very helpful which is expected but there are some office mate that instead of helping the team to grow and reach the goal, they are criticizing and pulling down each other.

Philippine Offices
Cebuano workers are talented and skillful. They are intelligent and resourceful. But they are not well united and poor in team work. I just hope they got some experience working in Manila so they will learn how to work as a team. How did i said that? If you work in Manila, you will have an office mate from Apari to Jolo. Some are bicolano, some are ilongo, some are Visayan, some are Davaoano while others are Pampangeno. These regional differences when mixed up produce some kind of team work and nationalism. Brother hood and a sense of family among workers.

Before i forget, the reason i posted these pictures here is that i dream of someday, Cebu will have these huge, i mean a lot of huge buildings someday.

Your comment and critic is accepted.
Excepe be professional is opinion

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Leadership Performance in Questions

The former President Fidel Ramos have said this in the forum: “The street protests by cause-oriented groups and ordinary Filipinos plus their manifestations of discontent, anger and outrage towards the PGMA administration must be seen as the people’s hunger for freedom from poverty, deprivation and bad governance,”

He also said " as the president of the country, the president have the opportunity to mobilize all resources and assets in order to achieve the target outcome which economic stability.

The recent protest by concern groups from Politics, businessman, leftist, student, ordinary folks and even some church show that they are no longer happy with the administration.

Ramos also added that the present Philippine leader should make herself clear on what her stand or plan in this CHA CHA or constitutional change. Until now GMA is not accepting nor denying that she is behind the constitutional change which is being move by the congress even there is less than a year before the election.

There are also request from the Philippine chambers and industry and other business group to congress in the prioritization of the bill about economy and stop working on politics of constitutional changes. There are 12 immediate priority on law.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Veco Post in Minglanilla

This show how safe is the Veco Electrical Post

Minglanilla Pictures
Just happen in the front of St. Cecilia School in Minglanilla. We are lucky that this thing happen in pm where there are no students.

Minglanilla Photos
Nevertheless 4 vehicles are casualty of their quality products

Incident in Minglanilla
So if you have new VECO post near to your house. Be careful

Accident in Minglanilla
This thing happen before the 2nd week of June

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Call Center in the Philippines is now big Business

What is Inbound Customer Service?
Inbound customer service usually involves customer service where prospective clients call your office to look for and verify information regarding your company products or services. It is simply a traditional sale clerk in the store except it involves that use of technology like telephone, internet and computers. In traditional, you need notebook or card to record the inquiries for future reference with this customer while in high tech word of call center you need computer, excel programs or specialize application software known as CRM to input the customer inquiry. This Customer Relation Management software is powerful in reporting. Here you can see the narrative transaction of every customer in details. Philippines inbound customer service should have this software to effectively work with their clients.

Outbound telemarketing, on the other hand, usually involves assertive marketing and advertising by calling and speaking to targeted customers. The outbound telemarketer will discuss the advantages of your service or products which is common in the consumable items. While other outbound telemarketing consists of appointment setting, phone sales, lead generation, etc.

Appointment setting is like secretary of managers except you are working far from your company executives. These works involve meeting arrangement with your client and Executive representative, arranging flight schedule, arranging task and more. This is simple job that the managers should not be doing anymore because they have more important matters to look into.

Phone selling is the process of selling with the use of Phone. This is more difficult because it involve trust with somebody talking to you with the product but you never see him personally. Sometime, it is better to do chatting because you can lead them to your website which is show or encourage trust and confidence among consumer. Putting websites with Ranking is no easy at it involves thousand dollars. It means any company that have quality website are consider as good investors.

Lead generation is traditional salesman task looking for possible customer. In old ways the salesman stand in the gate of the mall, business offices, school and give flier and survey form to get possible clients. Now with the help of technology, the salesman look for customer online. Recording emails, phone number and contact address to call them by the agents once the gathering of leads are done. Filipino are good in research since most Filipino are internet savy.

American companies do not like this jobs since it is time consuming and they believed that they should spend their time in more productive task. So they hire less expensive Philippine call center company and use their agents to do the job for them.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mar Roxas in Cebu

For Filipino jobs listing, you can find it online here..

Cebuana Beauties

You will enjoy watching this pageant as it feature the beauty of Cebuanas

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For sale monitor in Minglanilla

This 17 inches Sampo brand monitor is now for sale at P2000 each.

Let me know if you are interested

for sale used monitor in Minglanilla

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Minglanillahanon visit Maribago

Work, work and work.. No no no. You should sometime seek for a relaxing moment like what i did. Enjoy the pictures below.

Resort in Cebu After a tiresome work in the call center. I got the chance to join the Cebu Bloggers Society to visit this finest beach resort in Cebu the Maribago Bluewater Resort.

Speaking of call center in the Philippines. Here are some of the latest updates.

For the Filipinos who want to earn high paying jobs, outsourcing industry is on the uppermost priority to deal with. The reason for this is that any call center in the Philippines is oftentimes giving remuneration package, attractive package and benefits that awaken and perk up the enthusiasm or interest of every Filipino to be part in this booming sunshine outsourcing business. Government and industry leaders want to catch sight of their country to take on more of the IT and business process outsourcing tasks that might provide and otherwise flow to the subcontinent.

So for those people living somewhere in Minglanilla, bring your family and friends here in Maribago Bluewater and enjoy the summer.

The food and amenities are super and consider to be a lifetime experience not only for you but for your family too.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Inside Minglanilla Market

This is my regular way going to Minglanilla Market every Saturday

Minglanilla MarketFor a jeep or multicab ride, I think it is now P7 per person but i used to bring my skygo motorcycle

Vegetables Supply in Minglanilla
Kamatis can be purchase at P10 per 4 pcs i think
Usa ka tumpok ng sibuyas or bawang is P5

Minglanilla Vegetable Products
1/4 kilos of mixed vegetables is ranging from P7 to P10

Cebu Vegetables Supply

This one is being sold at P15 per piece.

Handicraft in Minglanilla CEbu
I noticed that these wooden product or handicraft is now fading because they do not have customer in local market.

Market Prices in Minglanilla
The new Minglanilla Market, formely Minglanilla complex. This is now clean and organize

Pictures in Minglanilla
Cooking oil is P20 per pack. Ginisa flavor mix is P20 below

Longanisa Supplies in Minglanilla
What is your price idea of this long Longanisa.
You can buy this per piece, per kilo or per cut

Have imagine an NFA rice costing P32 and P28? This is the price of regular market rice right?

Rice Prices in Minglanilla
These rice is cheaper by P5 but the smell is not good. I purchased 1 kilo to test and it did not satisfied me. I am not rich but this quality is not even for poor. Madaling masira pa...

NFA Prices in Minglanilla
Look at the prices now. The NFA prices is higher.

Pork and meat prices in Minglanilla

Pork is worth P160 per kilos. The price will help you save weight and diet.

Chicken or Poultry Products in Cebu
I think the chicken price is P140 per kilo

Sea foods in Cebu
This sea foods is cheaper. You can have it at P30 per 1/2 kilos

Eggs Supply
Egg Farm in Minglanilla are bringing the price more lower

fruits and Watermelon in Minglanilla
Watermelon P80 per piece i think but the benefit is good health and more years lol

Now if you visit Dolor or Princewarehouse after the Market tour. You do not have P1000 anymore. That is living Minglanilla... Priceless