Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Call Center in the Philippines is now big Business

What is Inbound Customer Service?
Inbound customer service usually involves customer service where prospective clients call your office to look for and verify information regarding your company products or services. It is simply a traditional sale clerk in the store except it involves that use of technology like telephone, internet and computers. In traditional, you need notebook or card to record the inquiries for future reference with this customer while in high tech word of call center you need computer, excel programs or specialize application software known as CRM to input the customer inquiry. This Customer Relation Management software is powerful in reporting. Here you can see the narrative transaction of every customer in details. Philippines inbound customer service should have this software to effectively work with their clients.

Outbound telemarketing, on the other hand, usually involves assertive marketing and advertising by calling and speaking to targeted customers. The outbound telemarketer will discuss the advantages of your service or products which is common in the consumable items. While other outbound telemarketing consists of appointment setting, phone sales, lead generation, etc.

Appointment setting is like secretary of managers except you are working far from your company executives. These works involve meeting arrangement with your client and Executive representative, arranging flight schedule, arranging task and more. This is simple job that the managers should not be doing anymore because they have more important matters to look into.

Phone selling is the process of selling with the use of Phone. This is more difficult because it involve trust with somebody talking to you with the product but you never see him personally. Sometime, it is better to do chatting because you can lead them to your website which is show or encourage trust and confidence among consumer. Putting websites with Ranking is no easy at it involves thousand dollars. It means any company that have quality website are consider as good investors.

Lead generation is traditional salesman task looking for possible customer. In old ways the salesman stand in the gate of the mall, business offices, school and give flier and survey form to get possible clients. Now with the help of technology, the salesman look for customer online. Recording emails, phone number and contact address to call them by the agents once the gathering of leads are done. Filipino are good in research since most Filipino are internet savy.

American companies do not like this jobs since it is time consuming and they believed that they should spend their time in more productive task. So they hire less expensive Philippine call center company and use their agents to do the job for them.


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