Thursday, June 4, 2009

Inside Minglanilla Market

This is my regular way going to Minglanilla Market every Saturday

Minglanilla MarketFor a jeep or multicab ride, I think it is now P7 per person but i used to bring my skygo motorcycle

Vegetables Supply in Minglanilla
Kamatis can be purchase at P10 per 4 pcs i think
Usa ka tumpok ng sibuyas or bawang is P5

Minglanilla Vegetable Products
1/4 kilos of mixed vegetables is ranging from P7 to P10

Cebu Vegetables Supply

This one is being sold at P15 per piece.

Handicraft in Minglanilla CEbu
I noticed that these wooden product or handicraft is now fading because they do not have customer in local market.

Market Prices in Minglanilla
The new Minglanilla Market, formely Minglanilla complex. This is now clean and organize

Pictures in Minglanilla
Cooking oil is P20 per pack. Ginisa flavor mix is P20 below

Longanisa Supplies in Minglanilla
What is your price idea of this long Longanisa.
You can buy this per piece, per kilo or per cut

Have imagine an NFA rice costing P32 and P28? This is the price of regular market rice right?

Rice Prices in Minglanilla
These rice is cheaper by P5 but the smell is not good. I purchased 1 kilo to test and it did not satisfied me. I am not rich but this quality is not even for poor. Madaling masira pa...

NFA Prices in Minglanilla
Look at the prices now. The NFA prices is higher.

Pork and meat prices in Minglanilla

Pork is worth P160 per kilos. The price will help you save weight and diet.

Chicken or Poultry Products in Cebu
I think the chicken price is P140 per kilo

Sea foods in Cebu
This sea foods is cheaper. You can have it at P30 per 1/2 kilos

Eggs Supply
Egg Farm in Minglanilla are bringing the price more lower

fruits and Watermelon in Minglanilla
Watermelon P80 per piece i think but the benefit is good health and more years lol

Now if you visit Dolor or Princewarehouse after the Market tour. You do not have P1000 anymore. That is living Minglanilla... Priceless


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