Friday, June 19, 2009

Philippines Buildings and Cebuano workers

These are the picture I took the last time I visit Manila
You can found this building in Makati along Ayala Avenue. These buildings are now being used as offices of Call Center in Philippines. The last time i visited this street was amazing for they are now open even 12 midnight. This is because of the presence of those outsourcing companies in Makati City.

Philippine Buildings
The reason i posted this pictures here is to encourage Cebuanos to aim high by working together for better economic development.

Makati Buildings
I have been living in Cebu for almost 8 years and i find Cebuanos in general "NOT UNITED". They have different choice of leaders and the do not patronage their owned politicians.

Call Center Buildings
I also got disappointment working some of them. I find SOME Cebuanos do no know team work. I have work for more than 7 years when i am in Manila and i am enjoying the company of my former office mate. It was like we are brother and sisters

Philippine call center facilities
Working in 3 companies or institution in Cebu did not satisfied me at all. Yes i did work in private sale company, in government and now in call center. There were some office mate that very helpful which is expected but there are some office mate that instead of helping the team to grow and reach the goal, they are criticizing and pulling down each other.

Philippine Offices
Cebuano workers are talented and skillful. They are intelligent and resourceful. But they are not well united and poor in team work. I just hope they got some experience working in Manila so they will learn how to work as a team. How did i said that? If you work in Manila, you will have an office mate from Apari to Jolo. Some are bicolano, some are ilongo, some are Visayan, some are Davaoano while others are Pampangeno. These regional differences when mixed up produce some kind of team work and nationalism. Brother hood and a sense of family among workers.

Before i forget, the reason i posted these pictures here is that i dream of someday, Cebu will have these huge, i mean a lot of huge buildings someday.

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Excepe be professional is opinion


IT park is going to look that way in 3-5 years.


hopefully, IT Park in Cebu become the next Singapore. If the politician become united i have confident but if they still quarrel that is not posible

Kindly, check your grammar before you post! It is shameful!

As what I have understood in your blog is that your opinion is solely based in your experience while working here in Cebu. Politics in the offices are always there, when I worked in Manila sometime in 2001-2003 bloody as hell of competition within our team was there. I have team mates from pampanga, davao & other parts in manila. I was really shocked during that time with what i witnessed because I never experienced it while I was working in Cebu prior to that. Bottom line is depending on the team that you are in to and of course how your team leader would handle the different characters of its members. :) although this blog is too old already, and yes your hopes were right, cebu has a lot of buildings rising and for 2013 we have a list of 39 new high rise buildings to be constructed and this year we will have the tallest building in the Philippines and that about 84 storey and 4th World's Largest Mall (Seaside City)

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