Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Keyless Lock for your Family Safety

Two weeks ago, two neighbors of mine in Minglanilla Springwoods just next to our house was robbed. The two houses are locked for the family is in weekend travel. Both families arrive at the same time and day and found that their house was open and they lost valuable things. How the robbers got in. Apparently the door lock was not forcedly open so it means the robbers use master key. The worst thing is that they were robbed the same night and most probably less than 10 minutes interval.

I was awake that night playing computer games particularly the Age of the Empire when it happens. I heard our dog barking but it is only once so it did not merit my time to look on my neighbor’s house. What worry me now is that our house in Minglanilla might be the next target. This incident prompted me to look for new door lock technology. Since the robbers are now high tech then I must find a way to safeguard our house. What comes to my mind now is a keyless lock. This should be a door lock that does need keys in which robbers apparently have inventory of keys in this town.

What should be I benefit for a keyless lock? This lock should be open by a family member only. It should not be a number combination that my 4 years old baby boy will not worry about. I have a mountain bike that until now has chain lock in it simply because i forget the number.

While surfing the internet i found this keyless lock technology known as Biometric locks which use fingerprint identification as the primary locking mechanism. This technology if I am going to trust should be dependable and of course for a lower level family here in Cebu, it should be affordable. Axxiss Biometrics, the manufacturer of the keyless lock or finger print activated lock said the technology is normally used in business establishment, They reproduce it for a house hold consumer since they believed that the security of your home is more important the security of the office.

I also found out that this keyless lock can also determine or configure the time and date of allowable access of certain person in your house. It means it is good if you have visitors. We sometime invited carpenters, laborers in house if we are having problem with leakage and termites.

The next thing I need to know is how to install and configure it. Reading through its sites information, they said it easy and smooth to configure. It is like user friendly graphics user interface in our computer term. So what if I got trouble will installing the products, I got to have the customer service and they should provide us like what the Philippines call center customer service where the employees stays 24/7. This call service should be technically good and easy to understand. At least the supplier pledge its affordability and quality service so I will try one and let your know its product review later.


i like the keyless lock system since i won't have to worry whether i locked our door or not...

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