Thursday, June 18, 2009

Leadership Performance in Questions

The former President Fidel Ramos have said this in the forum: “The street protests by cause-oriented groups and ordinary Filipinos plus their manifestations of discontent, anger and outrage towards the PGMA administration must be seen as the people’s hunger for freedom from poverty, deprivation and bad governance,”

He also said " as the president of the country, the president have the opportunity to mobilize all resources and assets in order to achieve the target outcome which economic stability.

The recent protest by concern groups from Politics, businessman, leftist, student, ordinary folks and even some church show that they are no longer happy with the administration.

Ramos also added that the present Philippine leader should make herself clear on what her stand or plan in this CHA CHA or constitutional change. Until now GMA is not accepting nor denying that she is behind the constitutional change which is being move by the congress even there is less than a year before the election.

There are also request from the Philippine chambers and industry and other business group to congress in the prioritization of the bill about economy and stop working on politics of constitutional changes. There are 12 immediate priority on law.


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