Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Compare the Traffics between Cebu and Manila

You can easily spot the difference between the traffic of Cebu and Manila

SRP cebu highway
This is portion of the SRP or the coastal road in Cebu.
This is taken about 9Am in the morning while we are on the way to Cebu Mactan Airport

Coastal Road in Manila
1 hour and half after we landed in manila domestic airport. This is the famous coastal road leading to cavite and the traffic is yaks. We spend 2 hours waiting to get pass in Mia road.

That is why many Cebuanos do not like to stay in Manila. You spent to much time traveling. I agree how about you?


that's why traffic had been part of our lives here in manila. we try to include the hours we are going to spend/waste for traffic in our daily routine as we go to work or to school. most of the time, when you think of manila - automatically traffic follows. well, i don't know when and how the government are going to solve it. they've been trying, but obviously they failed. and i'm also wondering, why those political candidates or politician wannabes do not include solving traffic in their agendas or plataformas. i guess, it will be a good topic and good "promise" for a political ambitions..

you are right, our politician never discuss the problem about congestion, traffic, city planning etc..

That is why i wanted to have a president that come from the line of Engineers..

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