Saturday, June 7, 2008

Minglanilla: your home, my home!

Cebu nowadays is already being lived by people with very different and opposite likes and dislikes, different culture, different attitudes and different language. The relation? Minglanilla is the best place to live since it is located away from the busy streets of the city and still has plenty of vacant lots for sale to those who will be deciding to purchase lots and houses. This is a good place people who wants to have that peaceful environment and at the same time can also be a place for people who wants to live near the city because this is just minutes away drive to the city. Also available are banks, private schools, hospitals, beaches and pension houses, restaurants and leisure areas. So come on now be entertained and try to surrender yourself to the pampering environment of the place.


Thanks na a nay blog ang minglanilla

dako na gyud kaayo ug kausaban ang minglanilla. it's good nga ninglambo but nawala pod ang iyang sense of a close community. maski maglaag laag ka, you fairly know everyone you met.

thank you for your post. keep it up.

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