Friday, September 4, 2009

Cebu City Gov't Brighter than Provincial Gov't- Nalzaro

Nalzaro, a known critics of both political leaders said that he is not happy to compare the 2 leader from Cebu City and Cebu Province.

He claimed "but I can say without fear of contradiction that Cebu City Mayor  is wiser than the Province Governor  when it comes to government transactions."
Why? Cebu City was able to closed a deal between Filinvest Land Inc. to develop a portion of SRP land which he consider as favorable to Cebu City Government.

In contrast, the controversial purchase Balili property in Tinaan, Naga cost the Provincial Government almost P100 million. In his interview with Provincial leader, the lady leader said it is not her policy to personally transacts business to any institution that conduct business with capitol in compare with Thomas who personally managed the SRP project.
Well what i see here is Thomas is like General Patton of US Army who personally leads the battle in the frontline.


I don't like the way Gwen Garcia is managing the province right now. What she is doing is picking a verbal tussle with Tomas, where she should instead concentrate on improving the lives of her constituents by providing good hospital care to the sick and scholarship grants. And now comes this issue about the Balili fiasco where she didn't have any idea of the deal that costs 100Million.. Yes, she likes to spend millions coz the province is very rich. Remember, she spent 800Million for CICC !!

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