Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Aquino - Roxas Tandem - The Single Tandem

The Liberal Party (LP) finally announced on Monday an Aquino-Roxas presidential and vice presidential tandem in the 2010 national elections. This year we have made many history. Our beloved Tita Cory and our friend in faith Bro. Manalo leaves us in good health. In international news, Michael Jackson also brought us some emotional feeling when he died at very young age.

With the country still struggling against corruption. Most Filipino's are looking for answer which is the best leader that could manage our resources that frequently proceed to few pockets.

Now another history is made. Two people is giving us hope. One have a unquestionable moral quality that will fight against corruption in every corner of our society while the other one is a technology and industrialist minded person who once said in the face of your author "I never ever engaged in any corruption in my entire life". Indeed no news and issue about Mar Roxas since this day except his love  relationship with Korina. 

I hope these two guys will not get marry in the same year for they are both single.


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