Sunday, September 13, 2009

Minglanilla Dynamic Badminton Association

The Minglanilla Dynamic Badminton Association held its first meeting this year last Sunday at Minglanilla Badminton Court.

The objective of the meeting are

1. Set the new officers of the organization
2. Announce the government plan in the badminton court
3. Announce the coming local or inter Barangay badminton tournament
4. The entrance fee for all players to P5 for the expenses of cleaners.
5. Set the next meeting.

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We would invite you to send us newsworthy events so we can have it reported in Minglanilla's first magazine, M Newsmagazine.

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Zosimo Literatus

Noted: Minglanilla 2nd meeting will be this monday. I will write news about this.

Badminton is my ultimate sport. wanna play with me?heheh

Is there a tennis club in Minglanilla?

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