Thursday, December 3, 2009

War Zone in Negros Occidental

Barcelona, who filed his candidacy as an independent candidate for mayor against Melecio Yap Jr., feared that the killing of not only Malunes (his political leader), but his 10 other political leaders since 2007, signals of a clear indication that "democracy in Escalante City had long been dead.

He filed for the immediate relieve of Chief of Police Santiago Rapiz and SPO1 Angel Boy Sinajan "for biases" and "partisan" police service.
When will be the time come that our policemen will stand in their own principles? A known family member of mine have disappointing experience with Policeman too when he got motorcycle accident. The victim already express to settle the issue through monetary but the policemen wanted a share. Instead of upholding law and justice, more became Kotong cops, practice partisan and become follower of politician like the suspected policemen in Mindanao 57 masacre victim.


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