Thursday, June 17, 2010

Workshop Towards Performance Excellence

5S + 2S Workshop Towards Performance Excellence:
Concepts and Best Practices of Records and Filing Management

June 24 - 25, 2010
8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
ASTORIA PLAZA, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Workshop Description:

5S+2 is a two day highly interactive workshop on effective workplace organization and standardized work procedures with the additional of 2S. 5S+2 is a procedure that organizes individual workstation or departments. The primary focus of 5S+2 is the elimination of wastes in the work environment that result from unorganized, unclean material, tools, machines, desks, inventories, aisles, walkways, storage locations. 5S+2 provide a structured methodical approach towards this goal.

Workshop Objectives:

To equip us with the knowledge, understanding and the skill of good corporate housekeeping

To contribute to higher productivity, work efficiency, quality work life, safer and better working environment

To create and maintain good and clean corporate image

Benefits of 5S + 2 for the individual:

  • makes my workplace more pleasant
  • makes me more efficient
  • improves my safety
  • improves quality of my work and my service
  • improves my pride and morale

Benefits of 5S + 2 for the Organization:

  • improves quality/productivity
  • reduces cost
  • makes reporting on time
  • improves morale
  • develop a safe and healthy working environment

Workshop Outline:

Module 1: About 5S

A. What is 5S?
B. Rationale of Implementing 5S
C. Elements of Good Housekeeping Program
D. Definition of each 5S and suggested Practices for each S

Module 2: The 5S Office Standards

A. Discussion of the General Office Standards
B. Developing a Customized Office Standards
C. Developing the Audit Team
D. The Audit Sheet Discussion
E. Spot the Difference Exercise: Audit Exercise

Module 3: 5S Audit Results Discussion

A. Discussion of Non-conformance

Module 4: The 5S in the Workplace

A. Classification management
B. The Red Tag Movement
C. The 30 Seconds Rule
D. Keep things clean + Inspection
E. Standardization
F. Habit formation
G. Create a disciplined workplace

Module 5: Records Management and Its Benefits

A. What is Records Management?
B. Rationale of implementing the records management system
C. What is file management?
D. File Management Principles

Module 6: Life Cycle of Records

A. Basic Concepts
B. Records Creation
C. Retention
D. Disposition

Module 7: Records Schedule

A. Factors in Scheduling
B. Retention Schedule
C. General Schedule
D. Special Schedule

Module 8 : Preparing for Compliance Audits

A. How to Create a Customized Records Management Standard Reference
B. Listing of Nature of Documents
C. Developing the Records Management System for the School
D. Compliance Audit Procedure and Checklist

Module 9 : Tools to make Your 5S and Records Management Program Works

A. Materials needed in Implementing Records Management System and 5S
B. Records Conversion Methods
C. Best Practices to Sustain the Program
D. Promoting Self-Discipline in Sustaining the Program

Module 10 : Development, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the 7S in the workplace

A. Discover the other 2S!
B. What are needed in the implementation of the 5S +2S
C. Key points in implementing the 5S + 2S
D. Key points in sustaining the 5S + 2S



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