Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ayala Mall

Ayala Mall evolve differently today. It is now the hang out for Philippine call center agents because the Ayala Terrace offers social looking food at night where most inbound call center are working.

Last night we just visit to celebrate our friends party and it was one of the best day for my kids specially Lance. He like malling and toys from Toy Kingdom.

I am actually using this blog now as my storage for important pictures. It is easy to update and i can do it anywhere.

Blogging is better than facebook. At least for me and the rest of blogger who earn online. Actually there are many Cebu Bloggers earning more than $100 a month as blogger and professional online marketer. I do it for both reasons.


Good to see this picture in one of the mall in Cebu . Thank you for sharing this one.

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