Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lipata Minglanilla

Have you experience attending Fiesta in Lipata Minglanilla?
Or did you experience passing this barangay during Fiesta.
Well traffics just reach from the exit of SRP all the way to Minglanilla town proper due to the Fiesta celebration of Barangay Lipata

Minglanilla PictureSt. Joseph Church in Lipata Minglanilla

Lipata Minglanilla
Traffic are so heavy in this Barangay every Fiesta. Did you know why?

Photos in Minglanilla
They set up stage just in front of the highway of Minglanilla so the result is this. People are using the main Minglanilla Road as their stage floor watching the presentation. These Minglanilla Pictures is a proof of neglince among public officials


The traffic was way too heavy when I passed this barangay.

grabe dyud ang traffic d2 uy..

Attention !barangay officials of Lipata! this is a vital public road and we all know that there is not a good alternative to this except maybe the back road at pinggan. I doubt if you could provide easy access for emergency vehicles, right? So stop using this road as fiesta playground.

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