Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Minglanilla Floods

Cebu is gifted with nice weather condition. Seldom the typhoon will pass in this island because it was always block by Samar and Leyte island in the East from Pacific Ocean and by Negros Island if the typhoon came from Western China Sea.

Minglanilla PicturesBut when this heavy rain comes, it will shock you in speed and high level of floods. Portion of Minglanilla specially in Springwoods, Tulay and Ward 2 area. In just less than 10 minutes I was not able to react with the rushing water from the Minglanilla mountain. Our subdivision became water basin now. It cost me big for I have to bring this multicab to nearby Car or Vehicle Repair Shop.

Vehicles in Minglanilla
That is why Springwoods got its name, the spring water abundant near the subdivision, plus the landscape which is too low in the town level. Every time there are heavy rain we all need to watch the water level. Because of this i was not able to bring this vehicle in my Philippines call center work for almost 2 weeks now. Luckily i have Skygo Motorcycle which serve as back up. At night i work as home based worker servicing as SEO adviser that is why i consider my self as worker in virtual assistant service in one of the BPO company in Cebu.

Springwoods Subdivision in Minglanilla


oy grabe man sd lage ang floods diha lage.. naka link naka sa akoa sa blogroll pero ako lng i transfer sa kilid.

good photos and sorry to hear of the flooding. I have been coming to Minglanilla where we live heading on 3 years now and I have only ever experienced flood water once on the main road. I think I hit it lucky with work in the UK during the wet times although I am here for the full year this year so will see. A big problem with developments though is they dont prepare enough drainage. On top of that most of the drainage I find is blocked with garbage of some description all these problems compacted with heavy rain no doubt lead to these issues of flooding.

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