Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Toll Fee in Cebu

Cebuano's are lucky for there are still no Toll Fee in the highway of Cebu. This blog post is advocating that we have at least one in SRP road. Why? Read it below

However, if you look at the SRP highway, it badly needed budget for repair because the road has many spots right now. I used to travel in this path and find it unsafe for the vehicles. Students Essay writer who are rushing to get in their school could landed in accident if the SRP road is not repair right away. The big question now is that the budget of our City government in maintenance for we all know that the country is still recovering for mild crisis. So for any assistant the Cebu citizen can offer like a toll fee is fine with me anyway we the drivers are benefited in the services provided by the SRP road which is traffic less and safer than South Cebu Highway which is infested with undecipline jeep and taxi drivers.


oo nga naman. pero sa manila... sus especially sa SLEX or NCLEX kinahanglan jud ka naay kwarta... kay cge lang cla pabayad sa toll fee. nya gi corakot ra diay. saons

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