Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Used Clothing in Carbon Cebu City

We are regular visitors of Carbon St in Cebu City. This is the place we purchase used clothing. The dress does not to be the best but still use-able for daily activities. You will notice that there are some RTW in this area yet they are losing customer from this Ukay Ukay. This is simple indication of trouble economy of the majority of the Filipinos. Lucky these used clothing gives us quality and branded dress at 25% of the original prices.

used clothing shoes

These used shoes is worth P600 now. All the used shoes are branded so do not be shock with the new pricese. You can find Adidas, Nike, Sketchers at quality condition.

used clothing shoes

Blouse and Tshirt for Children is worth P35 each. It means 3 for 100 pesos. I think i got 6pcs  for my kids for only P200. If you spend it to SM or Gaisano Mall you can only buy 1 cloth for P200. 

used clothing pants in cebu city
See the price of the used pants. It only worth P35 each. Actually is not on their good condition anymore. Those pants still hanging are worth P100's.

With the help of our friends in Inbound call center company that continually helping Cebu business and Cebuanos improve their lives.

Good quality used pants are hanging like these.

used curtain

Curtain is worth between P150 to 300 depending on the size.



omg i love this BLOG
it's interesting!

hi i am intresteing to buy all used shoes
please will you please tel me some more information about shoes and children clothing
please cantact me;

mahal ra kaayo na bai,mura man ug dili ukay2x.

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