Friday, November 20, 2009

5 Reason Kuno why you should Vote for NoyNoy

Has Senator Noynoy ever abused any of his powers in the past? No issue of gambling, project manipulation and never heard of using his position to appoint government employees.
In short dili dyud sya dagko ang ulo. Dili dyud GUTOM sa power nya kay daghan man sa Pinoy gutom sa position para sa ilaha fame.

On Money
Nonoy never involve in money and commission issue in the Government. We all know that the 2 leaders are well known for the ZTE scandal and Huweteng scandal. There were bank purchases using SSS money even its failing already.
Wa dyud issue about kurakot aning bataa. If na a man taga i ko link.

On Lifestyle
You will not find Nonoy in any showbiz and popularity shows. Neither any appearance in the socialite gathering. Unlike the other presidentiable well known for being very rich from his expensive housing program that only those managers, business owners and overseas worker can afford.
Mahiyain ni at simple lang kaayo ang life nya,

Family man
This guy did not marry right away because he understand that marrying will take full responsibility on his family. Many people just go to married without planning for their family life. If you are family man then you are concern with other family too.
Ang ilaha pamilya walay issue ng other man or other woman diba. Uy except kanang artista. Kay artista man gud. Sabay sa uso. Mao na ayaw lang botar sa artista.

He is not tradional politician and not affected by the "scratch me and scratch yours" motto of traditional politicians.Not only he serves as the mirror of his parent but also he has enough government experience to take resposability of higher position.He can create a honest and competent government officials by appointing those qualified and not because of payback time scheme during campaign period.

Kani ang gamay an experience nya so simpleng buhay.
He was retail sales supervisor and youth promotions assistant for Nike Philippines and later an assistant for advertising and promotion for Mondragon Philippines.

One of Aquino's key legislative initiatives was to make requiring the procurement of the petroleum, oil and lubricants requirements of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to be done by public bidding. Murga suko ani ang mga general da.

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dili ko mo boto ni noynoy kay upaw na kaayo...

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