Monday, November 23, 2009

CDR King in Tabunok

CD-R king is a computer accessory stores that has the prices comparable to no one. Thinking tools sell their flash drive at P1000 each while CD-R king sell it at 600 only.

Different range of products are available in this store. You can see the mouse amounting to only P150 pesos. For Cheaper than Electroworld and other computer stores in Cebu.


CDR King is certainly expanding all over the Philippines and they have cheap prices which I love but the long lines sometimes and the out of stock many items make it frustrating too. Others feel the same

the reason for the long lines and SLOW service is to make the store seem busy, customers have to wait up to 1 hr which makes it look busy which supposedly will bring in more business. This was told to me by the upper management.

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