Monday, November 16, 2009

How much is the fare from Minglanilla to Cebu City?

Bus in Cebu
For almost 2 years I have been using my motorcycle to commute from house to inbound call center office in IT Park. I usually work between 1pm to 10pm schedule but I leave the office around 1am in the morning due to work load.

In the last 3 days I was forced to travel or cummute from Minglanilla to Cebu City due to problem in my Skygo Motorcycle. I brought the motorcycle in the Skygo service center due to regular problem in its chain.

On the first day of commuting I ride Minglanilla to Pardo multi cab jeepney and to cost of face is about 96 pesos. From Pardo, I transfer to another jeepney going to OsmeƱa blvd in Cebu City and it cost me another 9 pesos. In crossing of Osmena blvd and Rosario St, I ride 17B jeepney going to IT Park and it cost me another 96 pesos.

Now traveling from Minglanilla will cost me 27 pesos or P54 pesos if round trip. I still remember when I first arrive here in Cebu and it is P15 only and the minimum fare is P6. Fare now have gone high and if you have motorcycle, it will only cost you P50 for a round trip from Minglanilla to Cebu City and even anywhere in Cebu City, you still have extra gasoline left. For P50 gasoline from either caltex or shell gasoline the performance and cost are the same. However, since I am using Skygo Motorcycle the comment from regular biker are the same, the Skygo is expensive in gasoline unlike Honda and Susuki yet the issue is the same. Skygo is worth P35 thousand in cash while Honda, Kawasaki and Suziki is wrk P60th-75th which means time 2 of the Skygo price.

So if you are working to any call center in Cebu Philippines, I advise you to have motorcycle to save from Gasoline and travel faster. If you have any car, the gasoline is just P150 from Cebu to Minglanilla.

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Why is it you wrote there 96 pesos as fare? At first, I thought its really 96 but i think you type it wrong because on the next paragraph, you said that the total cost is 27 pesos. Should 96 be 9? ;)

I'm not familiar at Cebu. Can you answer my questions below?

1. How much is the fare from Minglanilla going to Cebu Institue of medicine (velez)?

2. How long does it take to commute/travel from the said places? Thanks;]

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