Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fastfood in Minglanilla

This is one of the delicious friend chicken in Minglanilla.
They call themselves as Manok ni San Pedro.
This is number seller of fried chicken here.
Price is between P130 to P150

This Jolibee Minglanilla.
If you bring your family together
This is certainly the best place for you.
The fastfood is located at the center of the town

This is the new burger store along Minglanilla Highway
Angel's hamburger offers buy one take one.

This is one of the delicious yet cheaper buy one take one burger
in Minglanilla. I personally recommend this for being clean and courteous
employees. They are open 24 hours and just visit to see the
customer selecting this fastfood over the BigMak and Burgermachine


the by 1 get 1 burgers I had one night as it was the only place still open late at night. But found the burgers have too much MSG which left my tongue very dry. Your right it is a clean place and the staff are very friendly. Aswell as the food being cheap.

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