Friday, April 23, 2010

Tubigon Town in Bohol

Tubigon Town in Bohol is a progressive town because of the Port which became the docking port of visitors from Cebu City going to various historical places in Bohol.

Judging from the town buildings and availability of the public offices, I find this town qualified to become a city already. Other nearby town do not even have lodging house but this is the only town that has lodging house aside from Tagbilaran City


Maybe ten years from now, Tubigon will become a city kon dili mosupak ang ubang mga tawo ilabi na ang mga politiko nga dili gustong mahimong ikaduhang dakbayan sa Bohol ang Tubigon gawas sa Tagbilaran.

Sa laing, dunay laing dakong lungsod nga dakog potensiyal nga mahimong ikaduhang dakbayan sa Bohol. Kini ang progresibong lungsod sa Ubay.

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