Monday, April 5, 2010

Transportation Fee or shipping cost from Argao Cebu to Loon Bohol

So how much is the transportation fee or shipping cost from Argao Cebu to Loon Bohol? The actual cost is P105 per person and if you bring kids then the children will be charge half of the price.

Transportation cost for your vehicles or 4 wheel drive from Argao Cebu to Loon is P 1090 only at 2 hours travel time.

So if you plan to travel to Panglao Island this summer, prepare for the gasoline cost around best place to bohol (P1500) and barge fee cost (P1090).


i have a great time.. tnx manong..

I found a hose throw costa rica homes for sale and I can´t wait more time to go there. But I never went before. So is important to me to know about the transportation in the country which is vey beautiful. How ever, I heard the transportations is really good.

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