Thursday, January 7, 2010

Many Governors do not what to have new Cities

One member of the Supreme Court (SC) justice has noted a flaw in the tribunal's recent decision turning three Cebu towns and 13 other municipalities elsewhere back into cities.

While the people htrough the congress already decided to turn this town into cities, still many Governors do not like it. This are many reason why Governors do not like a town to become Cities.

1. They will reduce their territorial power. Since Cities are no longer under the responsibility of the Governor and it will have a city mayor so they do not have touch on its local political activities.
2. Budget of course is one of the big reason. The Gov's will reduce its provincial budget since it share will go to the cities.
3. Business opportunity, no more commission in the new cities because it is totally independent.
4. Break up of politicians dependency to the Gov's. The city mayor will not ask favor from Gov since they are independent from the later


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