Friday, March 6, 2009

Talisay City Market

This is the Tabunok Market of Talisay City

If you have visited this place. You know the smell already


Sure we can exchange links. If you want to be included on my list, kindly add my blog on your list first then let me know so I can add you aswell.


Hi,of course we can exchange links,just let me know in which of your blogs my link is and I will add you as well.

Guys it is done. I have added your links

Thanks for addin' my site. Done linkin' you aswell. Thanks!

Passing by to say hello.
By the way,the picture of the barking dog I have on my blog is done with Photoshop.That's my guess anyway.

By the way,I've added this blog to my friend's list as "Life in Minglanilla Cebu". Cheers.


Thanks for dropped by in my blog. You have nice blog, and for your info dear, I do have English blog and I'm constantly write in English as well.

Nice info that you share here.

In case you want to view my English blog, that's the link. Good day!

for ur info..thats not tabunok!lungsd mna sa minglanilla

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