Monday, March 2, 2009

Blessed by the Creator

Purchasing groceries every Saturday pays back. It only cost me P300 or more a week starting October I think. I never expect of winning a price, yet at least i used the raffle ticket which i do not do before for disappoint in any raffle and games.

Fortunately, God give me a gift this year. It a second hand multicab. A very inexpensive transportation for this time of crisis. This vehicle is now running although not 100% as brand new cars yet it is fine with my family. At least we have transport now.

Prince Warehouse

I did not expect in my life to win this grand price from any business establishment.
I do won some minor prizes in raffle before but it is no worth more than 500 pesos.

used secondhand multicab


Kung gusto kag "multicab", magkuyog ta pag Prince warehouse club kitang tanan.

Sa Prince Warehouse club, barato na ug "Quality" pa, sa Prince Warehouse Club...

Bitaw, Congratulations on your new problem (i mean prize) pare!!!

second hand maybe, expecting mechanical problem is a plus. yet, having one for free is the greatest fact though. congrats, for a very rare blessing it is.

I remember seeing it at Prince and im glad to see it was an honest win. Im always a bit sceptical on "prize raffles" as often the winners are already fixed. Great to see Prince ran an honest contest and went to someone who appreciates the gift :)

For rent pala ang multicab na ito. P500 lang daw sa half day then kung duol lang free gasoline pero kung layo add ka ng P100 to 200. Sabot lang sa distance

For rent multicab in Cebu sabot sabot lang sa price

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