Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Different Types of Promise Rings for Men and Women

Promise rings have been an on going trend the past few years. Regular rings usually don’t have any meaning, unlike promise rings, which can have any promise or any meaning.

Purity rings are kinds of promise rings, meaning a partner will stay pure and refrain from engaging in pre-marital sex. This isn’t very common for the younger generation unfortunately, as the values or much more different from those a few years ago.

Promise rings don’t necessarily mean a commitment to being in a relationship; in fact, there’s a type of promise ring, which would be the friendship ring which is given to a best friend or to a lot of best friends. These types of rings are very popular among the young girls. Another kind of promise ring, which is quite different, would be the Religious promise rings. These rings are popular among those who are committed to a religion and represent their commitment.

However, verragio venetian collection can very well be a type promise ring. Promise rings can represent a commitment to one another and engagement rings are very good examples of that. Engagement rings are symbols of a couple committed to being with one another for the rest of their lives.

The wedding ring has got to be the most powerful and most significant among all promise rings. The wedding bands tungsten wedding rings are good examples of that. Weddings rings are very important because they represent the bond a couple holds between each other for the rest of their lives.

Promise rings are generally rings given importance and meaning and are given from one loved one to another. They can really symbolize a myriad of things, but they all mean that the person being given the ring is very important for the giver. Promise wedding rings really do strengthen the friendship and commitment from one person to another. Promise rings are symbols of love, loyalty and trust, hence you should never take them for granted. You should always take care of promise rings because they mean so much more than just a piece of jewelry.


Generally, rings, whenever given from one essential person to another are generally considered promise wedding rings. Even though they symbolize various things, they all mean that usually the one getting the ring is important enough for the couple.

They also strengthen the link of friendship along with commitment between two people or more through a guarantee.

Promise rings should always be held with highest care and value and they should never be neglected; they are after all, indications of trust, loyalty, enjoy and commitment involving two people. People must always appreciate their guarantee rings as they indicate so much more than just a part of gold or silver.

Men give priority to gold rings most than other rings, Gold is a warmer color and reads, predictably, like a yellow accent in terms of the color wheel. It goes well with browns and other earth tones, as well as with deep hues like royal blue or hunter green.

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