Saturday, March 24, 2012

Minglanilla Christian Development Center

Minglanilla Christian Development Center located in Ward 2 is the number free school in Minglanilla Town. They have 80% entrance exam passing exam to the Minglanilla Scitech Elementary School. This March 25, 2012, the school celebrate its recognition day with more than 700 parents and pupils from various barangay in Minglanilla.
Minglanilla Christian Development Center 
The graduation was celebrated at Multi Purpose Center in Minglanilla Central School
The pupils of Christian Development Center. They actually offer Kinder 1, Kinder 1 and Pre School

AA Restaurant

After the graduation, we proceed in AA Restaurant at Minglanilla near the District Hospital where we also see some of his classmate and my former co-teacher in Minglanilla Science High School - Sir Adolfo.

The celebration is due to the academic award Lance received from the school. He actuall rank 6th out of 16th classmates. Happy to know that there are only 16 in the class unlike the free school in Central where there are more than 30 pre school pupils.

Academic Awardee

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Lance my 2nd child just finished his Kinder 2. He actually did not start with Kinder 1 because he quit when he enroll last year. He is still 5 years that time and his patient could not meet the school requirements.

Lance and his classmate from left, Lynel, Darla, Shanin, Jovely, Hannah, Alela, Trishamae, jacob and teacher Marcela.

Lance and Lynel both got the academic award. 

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