Saturday, September 17, 2011

Affordable and Quality Surplus Tire in Cebu

Last month, we purchase a Hyundai Van from our Uncle who is coming to US to join his family working as nurse there. While the payment is incomplete, we are working on it.

The Hyundai Grace Van that we got has some issue in terms of condition specially its tire. The Tire is almost worn out that is easy to get flat. So we decided to buy at least tire for now.

We started inquiry of tire from Minglanilla to Cebu City along the highway. Prices on the average for the Class A tire is P1000 for 195R x 14 x 70. We found the REJE TIRE and Auto Sales along bacalso street near the Mambaling extension. They have lot of tire to choose and courteous customer service. I got the tire at P950 each.

They are also selling mag wheel with the price ranging from P800+ to P1000


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