Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is it Safe Riding RORO in the Philippines?

If you plan to visit any white sand Island around Cebu Province you should know how the RORO looks like and how much is the prices because it will allow you to save time and money of course.

For any individual the fee for passengers will be P180 to P200. Some RORO has Aircon but not a good idea for sight seeing. The children and Senior citizen has discount.

The motorcycles fee for RORO to almost anywhere in Philippines is between P500 to P600 while the Multicab Fee is P1300. Your car or any smaller vehicles is worth P1500 . If you want to leave the car or vehicles in the parking area of the pier then you need to spend P100 per day.

They can load up to 8 trucks and vehicles. Smaller vehicles usually loaded last. You should load the car backward as their policies. So better big good driver.

Inside the RORO boat. It is spacious and clean. There are foods but little expensive

Very accommodating ang seaman and crews.
Of course through the help of our friends Best Scented Candles so that we will keep traveling.

Typical pier in Philippines using RORO..

Our multicab about to enter the RORO boat. Is it safe to ride on RORO with your family and vehicles. Well i did it 3x already and everything is fine. People are generally Pinoy in attitude. In face Koreans are a little more noisy during travel than Pinoy.


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