Saturday, March 27, 2010

How to Renew your Vehicles Registration

his is basic step on how to renew your vehicles registration at any LTO office. I recommend you to renew it in Talisay City LTO Office because it is past and there is no KOTONG system. Well at least during our renewal of multicab.

vehicles certificate of registration
Every year we renew our vehicles registration at minimum of P3000. Well that is expensive actually but we do not have choice for it. If you are late then the penalty is more than P1000 so better not be late.

So here are the step in applying for the new registration.

  • Bring your old CR into smoke emission test. It usually take 10 minutes only depending on the availability of customers. It will cost you P400 per 4 wheel cars or vehicles.
  • Right away go to vehicles insurance. It will cost you 800 for accident insurance not includes the repair of your vehicles or others vehicles in case of accident. Show your old CR.
  • Go to the nearest stencil station for the chassis and motor number. It will cost you more or less P150.
  • Vehicles Smoke Emission Form
  • Then go to the first table or first window and ask for the renewal form. Fill it up and attached the stencils. Submit it to evaluator at the table for pricing and send it to receiving window.
  • Wait for 30minutes to 1 hours and your name will be called for instructions. If you have vehicles record then they might send you to other offices. If none they will give final instruction. Usually they will ask you to comeback the next day at specific time.

Come back the next day and go immediately in the cashier window for payment. Go back to window B to submit to submit all the papers and receipts. Then wait for your vehicles original receipts copies.

Check if the data are correct. Do not let CITOM discover it.

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gud nun, bumili kmi nang multicab pick up, kailangan ba na ipa register ito na may canopy o wala? kasi wala siyang canopy pg bili namin gusto sana naming lagyan. kailangan pa ba itong ilagay pag ma paregister ka na with canopy?

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