Sunday, May 10, 2009

From Balamban then Asturias to Minglanilla

Last Saturday we attended the meeting somewhere in Balamban.
Actually its my wife family gathering. After the meeting we
were invited to visit one of the relative living in Asturias Town.

The pictures here are our travel as we pass Transcentral Highway.

minglanilla mountain
The Engineer from DPWH in Manila said the cutting of stone along
the highway should be 45%. And this one do not follow the
basic principle of construction. So you will proceed below
the effect of this works.

mountain in cebu
The light of this vehicle is still blinking yet we do not
know if there are still people inside as we pass by.
However, the incident might happen this morning while we see this
about 3pm.

The fog in the transcentral highway appears every pm

Minglanilla pictures
Near Cebu City yet still in the highway, this
corn is being sold at P25 per kilos.

While business today are in trouble, prices in Cebu far town and barangay are still low. You will find petchay and upo while most of the products are fruits like banana and papaya. What i like here is the ambiance of the environment. This is good for relaxation specially if you are tired in 5 days work from your call center or BPO jobs.


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